Despite Apple's protests, judge orders GT Advanced's bankruptcy papers unsealed

In a legal defeat for Apple, a bankruptcy judge has ordered that the papers spelling out the exact reasons why its former sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection be unsealed.

Apple wanted to keep those papers from being viewed by the public because it felt that whatever is revealed might harm its relationships and reputations with its other suppliers. However, Judge Henry Boroff didn't feel that way and said he will issue an order next week stating that an affidavit signed by GT Advanced's CEO Daniel Squiller be unsealed, saying, "I simply do not think that they are sufficiently egregious that they are unusually prejudicial to Apple,"

GT Advanced has already reached a settlement deal with Apple but later claimed it only did so because it could not afford to fight Apple in court. Do you think Apple is in the wrong in this court case?

Source: Wall Street Journal

John Callaham

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