Did your Do Not Disturb bug fix itself yesterday as Apple said it would?As we all know, the Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6 that lets you mute Notification Center alerts during specified periods. Apple told us that the problem would fix itself on January 7; we want to know if it is now working again for you?

Do Not Disturb is a feature that I was using every day to stop annoying notifications coming through at night waking me up unnecessarily. Of course you could still use the Do Not Disturb feature, the only area that was problematic for some reason was the scheduling of turning it on and off automatically at set times. This failed on January 1 2013 and Do Not Disturb had to be used in a manual mode.

I can report that my Do Not Disturb scheduling is back to normal now; it came on last night and automatically switched itself off again at 7am this morning. How are you finding it? Has your Do Not Disturb scheduling gone back to normal now as Apple said it would?