Did your Do Not Disturb bug fix itself yesterday as Apple said it would?

As we all know, the Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6 that lets you mute Notification Center alerts during specified periods. Apple told us that the problem would fix itself on January 7; we want to know if it is now working again for you?

Do Not Disturb is a feature that I was using every day to stop annoying notifications coming through at night waking me up unnecessarily. Of course you could still use the Do Not Disturb feature, the only area that was problematic for some reason was the scheduling of turning it on and off automatically at set times. This failed on January 1 2013 and Do Not Disturb had to be used in a manual mode.

I can report that my Do Not Disturb scheduling is back to normal now; it came on last night and automatically switched itself off again at 7am this morning. How are you finding it? Has your Do Not Disturb scheduling gone back to normal now as Apple said it would?

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  • Not mine!!
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  • Yup. Now 6:00 am and the moon is gone!
  • Not mine , even restarted , reset times, etc...
  • No,not working here either
  • Mine fixed its self on the 6th of Jan. At midnight it's scheduled Do Not Disturb Feature came on, at 8am on 6th Jan, it went off again. :)
  • Same here. Mine worked the morning of 1/6.
  • Not working here, iphone 5. ios 6.01
  • It worked yesterday, but today the moon is back.
    In other words, not working here. iPhone 4, iOS 6.01
  • Well, kinda working. It shows the moon, but its receiving calls normally.
  • Fixed by magic!
  • Mine works again.
  • Mine started working as the said it would. Since DND is based on time and not date, seems like overly complex code was written for it. It should not care about the day or year.
  • Mine is also working like they said it would.
  • Mine is working fine. iPhone 5, 6.0.2.
  • I had to go into the settings and turn the DND schedule off and then on again to get mine to start working again.
  • Yep mines working and back to normal on my iPhone 5.
  • Yes, mine was back to work last night
  • Yep, mine starting working last night and was off again this morning at 6am.
  • All good here. Working last night.
  • Yea, all fixed here. Like magic...
  • Nope.
  • Mine is working fine now just like they said it would.
  • Not mine. :-( I'll try turning the schedule off then back on again and see what happens tonight.
  • Working fine now in South Florida.
  • Fine is working fine in Indiana.
  • Doesn't work for my wife's or my CDMA iPhone 4 in 6.0.1.
  • Mine didn't work last night. iPhone 4. I'll try turning the scheduling off then on, maybe that will fix it for tonight...
  • Same as others mentioned. I had to turn scheduled off and back on and then it immediately popped into DND and properly turned itself off this morning. Interesting to see what will happen at the next clock change or at the end of this year unless they fix it in 6.1 or 6.1.1 or ...
  • After manually turning off DND and on again in the morning on Jan 1, the bug didn't come out again.
  • Strangely enough my Do Not Disturb worked fine this entire time. Until last night. I got 3 e-mails through the night that sounded the little alarm indicator and woke me up each time. This morning I noticed the moon symbol was not displayed and Do Not Disturb had actually been shut off. Hopefully it works fine now.
  • Sure did, strangest thing that it took 7 days.
  • Yup… 10:59 pm and 6:59 AM today !!
  • Yes it did but it's weird. Weird problem and weird solution.
  • "As we all know, the Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6 that lets you mute Notification Center alerts during specified periods." That sentence makes no sense.
  • The first morning it happened, I thought I did something wrong so I redid the settings and I never had the problem again. Didn't realize others were having the same problem until a day or two later...
  • Working fine again on my iPod 4G. :)
  • Ars has a pretty good (speculative, but makes sense) explanation for this bug. Simply put, some parts of iOS use the Gregorian calendar, and some parts use the ISO calendar. The first week of the ISO calendar. The first week of the ISO calendar year is the Monday that contains the first Thursday in January, and, on this year, that meant January 7th. This might have just been a typo that got institutionalized -- yyyy (Gregorian) vs YYYY (ISO) is all it takes, but until the various parts of iOS agree, there will be problems during periods the two calendar systems do not match up. http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/01/ask-ars-why-will-apples-do-not-dist... If you want to see code illustrating the problem: https://gist.github.com/4439267
  • NICE FIND MAN! Makes sense.
  • Mine came back just fine in Nashville TN
  • Yep, I'm glad it did too.
  • Thankfully, YES!
  • Not working here yet!!!!
  • Actually yes it did! Mine is working now
  • yup working fine now.... iphone 5 and ipad mini...
  • Still not working!
  • Right as rain. Funny since they started running the DND ad's right around the 1st
  • My third gen iPad seemingly fixed itself. My iPhone 4S still doesn't work after trying to reset and turn DND on and off. Several tries but no such luck. Apple needs to come clean on the exact problem.
  • Mine just activated a few minutes ago, seems to be working now on 1/8/13 :-) Glad to have it back!
  • The moon is still on, and the alerts woke me through the night. Not fixed!
  • Agreed, the moon went on and back off as scheduled, but I got a phone call about 10 minutes before it went off. So much for Do Not Disturb!
  • Works on my iPhone, not on my iPad. Both iOS 6. Useless.
  • Working fine.....as scheduled.
  • didn't work for me, doesn't ever stop calls coming through - even when set to 'no-one'!
  • Exactly. Same here.
  • Does not work on my iPhone 5. Emails are still waking me up.
  • Doesn't stop the incoming alerts at all. Just doesn't work.
  • Anyone else still having trouble with this. It is still not stopping calls and e-mail for me.
  • Mine still doesn't work. If I turn the do not disturb feature on none of the calls under my favs can get through to me--it's really annoying.
  • I just got my butt chewed for not answering my phone from someone on my favorites list during the scheduled DND period! I have upgraded to IOS 6.1 and it is still broke!!!!!! I'm not very imopressed with the iPhone 5 :(