Disney CEO talks relationship with Steve Jobs and Apple in new interview

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been interviewed and profiled by Fortune about the technological influence he's had on Disney, including the company's relationship with Apple, and Iger's own friendship with Steve Jobs. The profile details how Iger needed to win back the trust of Jobs, along with Pixar co-founders John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, after a tension had developed between the animation studio and Disney under Iger's predecessor. Both Iger and Jobs came to see each other as partners, according to Fortune:

"Steve recognized that in Bob he actually had a partner," says Catmull. "In the subsequent years they thought of each other as true partners. That's what he wanted, and that's not what he had previously."

Iger has served on Apple's Board of Directors since November 2011. Disney and Apple have been close for many years now, with content partnerships through the iTunes Store, and just this year, Disney became one of Apple's first Apple Pay partners.

Source: Fortune

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