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What you need to know

  • Apple may have another antitrust probe on its hands soon.
  • That's because American officials are taking steps towards launching an investigation into Apple.
  • It would focus on Apple's "ironclad control of its App Store."

Just days after the EU announced its own antitrust probe into Apple, it has emerged that it may also be facing one on U.S. soil too.

According to Politico:

The Justice Department and a coalition of state attorneys general are taking the first steps toward launching an antitrust probe of Apple, turning the iPhone-maker into the latest Silicon Valley giant to face legal jeopardy in Washington, three people involved in the discussions told POLITICO.

The individuals said DOJ and the AGs have spoken to several companies unhappy with Apple's ironclad control of its App Store, the source of frequent griping by developers who say the company's rules are applied inconsistently — particularly for apps that compete with Apple's own products — and lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers

As mentioned, a similar investigation was launched by the European Commission on June 16, that report noted that the EC was investigating whether Apple's App Store rules violated EU competition rules, such as the mandatory use of Apple's own in-app-purchase system.

Two notable companies battling Apple are Spotify and Tile. The former has complained over Apple's anti-competitive practices, and Tile has argued that Apple has deliberately made it harder for users to integrate its accessories with iOS. Apple's App Store guidelines have recently come under fire in the wake of the Hey Email fiasco.

Apple did make a couple of notable changes at WWDC, including announcing that it would allow developers to challenge its App Store rules.