Texas ManufacturingSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • A report suggests President Donald Trump will tour Apple's manufacturing facilities in Texas.
  • The source claims the tour could take place as soon as next week.
  • Tim Cook will take the President around the facility, where the Mac Pro has been made since 2013.

A report suggests that President Donald Trump will tour Apple's manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, perhaps as early as next week.

According to Reuters:

U.S. President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are expected to tour facilities in Texas where Apple products are made as soon as next week to showcase companies that keep jobs in America, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Neither party has commented on the rumored tour of the facility, where Apple has made the Mac Pro (trash can) since 2013. Apple confirmed earlier this year that its newest Mac Pro (cheese grater) would also be made in the facility. Whilst the release date of the Mac Pro remains a mystery, it has previously been confirmed that several Mac Pro components would be exempted from U.S. tariffs on trade imports from China.

The news, if true, would highlight the continuing strong relationship President Trump enjoys with Tim Apple, I mean err... Cook. On a public level, a tour of the manufacturing facility would be mutually beneficial. President Trump can no doubt point to Apple's U.S. manufacturing operations as a fine example of the benefit of keeping manufacturing jobs in America, whilst providing even more of them. He may even be able to spin the previously mentioned tariff exemptions as an act of benevolence on his part. Meanwhile, Apple will be able to showcase how it is playing its part in also trying to keep manufacturing jobs on U.S. soil. The new Mac Pro will likely get some strong media coverage, and privately, Tim Cook will also be able to speak with President Trump face-to-face, perhaps on the matter of further tariff exemptions for the Mac Pro or other products in Apple's lineup.

President Trump has previously praised Apple as "a great American company," and has struck an unlikely relationship with Apple's CEO, who seems to have the President's ear despite his own differing views on some of the President's policies, notably climate change and immigration. The only other thing they definitely disagree on, is the lack of Home button on the iPhone.