Economy Now: Apple's Non-Layoff Cost Cutting

Apple Insider is reporting that, rather than layoffs like Palm or unpaid vacation like Dell's exploring, which would certainly paint a less-than-rosy glow about the company, Apple:

...plans to scale back the hours worked by its part-time Mac Specialists that greet customers and promote products. This would keep them on the store floors while trimming employment costs, those aware of the changes say. To compensate for the shortfall, Geniuses normally assigned to servicing products and answering questions will be asked to spend four of their weekly hours in the Mac Specialist role. Creatives manning the Studio sections of some stores will be asked to work as many as eight hours selling products.

Less person hours, however, is still less person hours. Here's wishing all the ever-helpful staff at Apple Retail, the great folks at Palm, and everyone at Dell a speedy return to the work they love (and need!), and everyone a little global confidence, a modicum of collective good fortunte, and a lot of responsible leadership moving forward!

Rene Ritchie

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