Eddy Cue explains how Apple News came about

CNNMoney has released yet another portion of its interview with Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, with this new segment focused on Apple News. Cue says that Apple created the News app because it's the sort of app that people use every day, and the company wanted to build a single, easily accessible location for all of the news people care about.

Cue also said that he believes that News is good for small and local news organizations, which may not have the resources to build a great app experience. From CNNMoney:

"I absolutely believe in that. It was one of our main goals when we were building Apple News. We thought of things from, you know, even church newsletters to a stamp club... A lot of those organizations today still print and mail, which is even more expensive."

Cue noted that Apple is working on a version of News specifically for China, which the company hopes to unveil soon.

This interview has been released in multiple parts, previously covering the new Apple TV and the iPad Pro.

Source: CNNMoney

Joseph Keller

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