Email Apple CEO, get response from Jobs. Email AT&T CEO, get legal threat

From the surprisingly poplar PR manual in how not to win customers and engender goodwill, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson's email address doesn't seem anywhere near as likely to receive a Steve Jobs-style terse if direct response. Indeed:

Giorgio Galante found out today, sending AT&T's CEO two emails in two weeks results in a phone call from AT&T's Executive Response Team and a warning that further emails will result in a cease and desist letter.

Galante reportedly first emailed to ask about his eligibility date and to request tethering, the second to complain about AT&T's new, tiered data rates released yesterday and inform them he's switching to an HTC Evo 4G on Sprint.

[So long and thanks for all the fish, via Engadget]

Rene Ritchie

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  • I would keep emailing the CEO and have others do so too and see what happens :D FLOOD his INBOX
  • ooo im the 1st yey
  • Bad idea, I promise you that ATT isnt joking about legal action; especially if you engage in harassment.
    Apple is different, Jobs has always enjoyed input from his customers which is simply rare from a CEO. He's always been more in touch with his consumers than any large company Ive seen in a long time.
  • I love the upside down AT&T logo haha
  • I am saying if everyone write one email to the ceo he couldnt do nothing because its not only one person sending an email it would be everyone sending 1 email complaining
  • Well
    1) the guy who emailed is a little nutty if he had to email the CEO to tell him he's switching to an Evo as if the CEO cares. He'll just go add another 1,000 iphone customers tomorrow.
    2) The CEO doesnt care what you think, its his job to protect his assets (the network) so he's going to do what needs to be done, whether people complain or not.
    3) Most people dont care enough to complain because they dont even touch 1gb let alone the 2gb limit and are happy to save $5/month
  • I don't know which is more stupid.. the guy sending the email, or the CEO sending that call.. what a world we live in.
  • HAHAHA... mouth of Sauron. Classic.
  • What's his email address?
  • @ DaJe....I think you might be able to do that but you will lose the discount price of whatever phone you plan to buy...I might be wrong thou
  • i remember before when new people had just bought iphone 3g and the 3gs came out they let those customers upgrade.
  • I'm switching to get the Evo too!
  • DaJe - Correction, they let some of the 3g's upgrade with the subsidy price. I don't really remember it affecting people that just bought a 3g though (although I could be wrong). It was more for the people that had bought the 3g when it first came out a year prior, and were halfway through their contract. I remember that because I was screwed on the subsidy pricing because I was just on the wrong side of the timeframe they were doing it for.
  • I personally think the person who sent the email probably threatened the CEOs life and now he's just leaving that part out
  • Depending on the actual content of the emails I'd say a cease & desist letter is not necessarily a bad thing. Generally it just says stop contacting us "or else."
    Think of it as a no-trespassing order for somebody who keeps coming up to your door and knocking just to complain about the color of your grass.
  • If that was the case, they'd have the cops visiting the guy vs threatening a cease and desist.
  • I was able to get the 3gs the day it was released after purchasing the 3g 31 days before that. Granted, I did know the worker at the AT&T store personally. That said, I got the subsidized pricing on the iPhone 3gs, but I'm sure there was a window of time in there that just wasn't said outloud in terms of purchase time between phones. 6 months later it was stolen from me and I paid for AT&T's family locator service to attempt to find it. It didn't work. So I asked them to just add a line and I would go get another 299 iPhone. They said sure, but it would be a 150.00 deposit to do so. Now mind you, my bill is always paid, I have u-verse also, and I have another iPhone already on this account. They flatly refused. So I said, "Transfer me to cancellations." They did and I was told the deposit was only 130 dollars, or I get the phone at 699 retail. I cancelled the entire line and paid the contract buyout price on it out of principal. Done with AT&T. TV and second iPhone leave this month.
    Also - his email address is: randall dot stephenson at att dot com --I emailed him once already today.
  • If he was serious in his letter to the CEO, then maybe he should kave left out the part upgrade date. Any idiot can find that on the site or by dialing *new#. That leads me to believe we aren't getting the full story.
  • I'd like to see what in the email.
  • wow tipb u guys are so slow with news its embarrassing. engadget posted this YESTERDAY. and to add to it, ATT apologized for this harshness today too. oh boy, tipb come on step up! first its you reviewing products and promoting them through your store when you can buy it for half the price elsewhere and now this? (referring to the moto speakerphone review)
  • And for the AT&T apology / response:
  • To be fair, didn't Engadget post that like an hour ago?
  • Anyone know Steve Jobs' email? I've tried both and
    tried him a ton of times to ask about AVRCP on iPhone and MB Air refresh...0 responses.
  • TiPB reporting is lacking. Late articles. Little feed back in comments. Irrelevant reviews. Once upon a time this was the #1 iPhone blog. Not now. Podcasts are still great tho. I like the Chadman too.
  • +1 on such late postings. Now I'm back on engadget :/.
  • U guys think Steve jobs answers customer emails. Omg u guys r reaally really stupid. He's a CEO guys. C E O. He receives daily at 1000s emails internally from company and at least 200 of those he is obligated to read!!!! Man I'm just an accountant and I go through 100 emails daily. Also have to respond too. Lol u guys make me laugh. If I received an email by someone not in the company I have to report it to IT. And they take actions!!! Steve jobs runs apple people. His secretaries answer customer emails. He works 24/7. He will never even read an email from customers nevermind answering them. Apple makes sure, meaning millions $$$$$, he has a great public image. AT&T CEO doesn't need to be extra nice. Doesn't want to get bothered. Ppl will use his services anyways.
  • Why do people come on here and say there getting a evo. Who cares.
  • And to people saying that tipb is slow on the news not eveyone reads engaget and gizmodo and others. Grow up
  • When I said I was emailing S Jobs, I fully expect those emails to be forwarded to techs who respond to emails. I thought that was implicit in my question?
  • I guess the good ole saying of "The truth hurts" is accurate lol!
  • It's not unfathomable that Jobs would read and respond to select client mail. Craig of very popular craigslist still personally handles certain messages and works in their call center. Granted their not as big as apple, but it could be done. My relationship with apple and AT&T ends July first because Verizon offered a better deal. Gonna miss my iPhone, but AT&T has got me irritated with the tiers.
  • Who cares about their tiers if you already have unlimited data...
  • And what is Jobs (or his tech assistants, for that matter) e-mail?
  • @CJ Actually that is not true. There was a posting a year or so ago of a back and forth someone had with Steve Jobs. Anyone remember that? Was that all fake?
  • maybe it's time to RE-THINK Randall S.
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