Emails, testimony from Steve Jobs to be used in class-action iPod lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit brought against Apple over restrictions placed on the iPod will begin tomorrow, with emails and video of the late Steve Jobs taking a center stage. The suit alleges that Apple used their market position in digital music to block competition and strengthen its monopoly by forcing customers to purchase music from the iTunes Store if they used an iPod, a practice which Apple has since discontinued. Emails and videotaped testimony from Jobs will be used in support of the plaintiffs' case, according to the New York Times:

Mr. Jobs's emails and videotaped deposition taken before his death, plaintiffs' lawyers say, will portray him as planning to break a competitor's product to protect Apple's grip on digital music.

Certain emails are already available for public consumption. These include messages that indicate that Jobs was indeed concerned about the possibility of competing stores using the iPod, and efforts that Apple could take to block such use.

Source: The New York Times