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Hi guys I am Craig Fox and I am the founder of @JailbreakCon (formerly MyGreatFest) and I'll be doing monthly column for TiPB to help keep the community informed about the planning of our next event, currently due to be in the USA summer 2012, California to be exact.

But before that let me start the posts off by telling you what has happened in the 11 months since its inception and how the first event ran.

Our first event gained some very influential speakers after the acquisition of Jay Freeman (Saurik), such as P0sixninja, Aaron Ash, Carsten Heinet (iFile), James Whelton (iPod nano hacker) and the iDroidproject.

I won't bore you with all the silly stuff like booking tables and chairs etc, I will just say it's taken a lot of planning and a lot of hard-work from our brilliant team of talented coders/designers/planners/promoters to bring it all together. It's safe to say I could not have done this without the team behind me the whole way, they have been the biggest help -- and until the day of the event we had not even met each other in real life! From start to finish we worked hard to make the event the best fun for all attending, and to make sure it was the best possible show for everyone in the community.

Onto the day of the event, it began with a very assured talk from Aaron Ash (his first public tech talk) and it got us off to a brilliant start. If there was one thing that stuck in my mind from Aaron's talk, it's that I wanted this event to focus on. When he spoke about Barrel's downloads, and that only 1 in 70 were purchased, it made an impact on the problems of piracy faced by the Jailbreak community.

Next up was p0sixninja and iOPK. It was Joshua's first ever public talk, and he did an extremely good job and gave the audience and press the advantage of some great posts after the event with the talk of 5 exploits in the Chronic-dev bag.

Just before the iDroidproject came on stage we did a massive giveaway -- over £2500 worth. It was a rucksack full of goodies including an iPad 2 won by Charlie Ford (he left a very happy chap). We took everyone's phone number at the event and then I asked John Freeman (Sauriks dad) to choose a number at random, and we then rang that number.

That was a great way to get everyone seated and all attention to the stage for the iDroidproject. Straight from the get go these guys (Team of 6 if I remember correctly) gave a great talk for and showed some stuff I never thought I would ever see on an iOS device.

We ran a lot of giveaways through the day, including a big games tournament that was run by our main sponsor Diabloskinz.com on Gran Turismo 5. We wanted to make sure the day wasn't boring and a constant sit down affair, we wanted all our events to be a massive social event, fun and for all ages.

After the iDroidproject, up stepped Carsten Heineit (iFile developer). His talk was very in depth on the workings of iFile, and again the piracy issue facing all these developers, Carsten offered anyone at the event a license even if you had a cracked version on your iDevice. He finished his talk with a great quiz on the previous talk by giving away iFile t-shirts. (That night he also demonstrated the best dance moves that I have ever seen!)

Up next was James Whelton, a young Irish lad who burst onto the Jailbreaking scene with his hack on the iPod nano 6G. His talk was excellent and it shows the platform this community can give any young developer. From that one hack he has now set-up his own business and is doing coding dojos for kids all around his our native Ireland. We are definitely looking at holding these dojos at our events with James at the stern.

After a short break, we had the star of the show, Jay Freeman ( Saurik). What can I say about Jay that you don't already know? He's a genius, an extremely nice guy, and the most approachable guy at the whole event. He arrived the earliest of all the devs, waited outside and spoke with the queue for the whole time it was there. His talk was a very "Get to know me" oriented, and I think thats exactly what the community needed to do -- to learn about the time and effort that goes into cydia and everything he does. He said something to someone attending the event that, "This was the event he was nervous about, as he actually cares a lot about the attendees" which is great for us (The community) .

Now we look forward to planning the next event which is set for California, summer 2012. We already have a lot of speakers in place, and are beginning the planning of the event. The team has jumped straight into the offline work and its all go. I urge all the readers of TiPB to follow @JailbreakCon to stay updated in the coming months. And be sure and check back here for team JailbreakCon's column. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks a lot guys.

Craig Fox ([@flawlessfox)(http://twitter.com/flawlessfox))

Video Source: Technologic101