Environment the focus of Apple's presentation at education conference

Apple VP of Environmental Initiative Lisa Jackson gave a talk at the Distinguished Educator Conference to highlight some of the clean energy strides that the company published last week in its environmental report and reiterate Apple's commitment to going green. Noting that its data centers now operate on 100 percent renewable energy, Jackson says that the company won't be slowing down its commitment to the environment any time and points out how its products are helping consumers be greener in the process.

Not only do Apple products lack harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, Apple says that each generation of new products is using less and less energy.

So how much energy does it take to power an Apple product? Using the iPhone as an example, Jackson said that it takes "51 cents to charge an iPhone everyday for a year in energy."

Prior to joining Apple in her role in helping the company be more sustainable, Jackson served as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, of the Obama Administration.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Chuong H Nguyen