Comic: WWDC, the epicenter of the galaxy

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The Epicenter of the Galaxy

that doesn't even make sense. you're just guessing. conf1rmed!

the watch uses the wrong cpu and its only connector is a magnet magsafe 3 supports 3-d holograms and usb 1701-d using the picar

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  • Oh I get it. The app icon looks like a mac mini in the poster. The poster reflect iPhone app and watch app icons. Obviously this WWDC is going to make the watch more meaningful.
  • Yes, it does look like a Mac mini, or an Apple TV.
  • Or an Apple Watch.
  • Or may the poster just shows iOS and apple watch icons and we are making everything else up.
  • I think it's a reference to Homekit. The new Apple TV will be the "epicenter" in your home (controlling lights, locks, appliances, ect). Sent from the iMore App
  • Airport Express, now available in 5 fun colors! Sent from the iMore App
  • As long as they have Bondi blue!