ESR's affordable AirTag keychains are under $6 apiece with this coupon deal

Esr Airtag Cases
Esr Airtag Cases

Wit the arrival of Apple's AirTag trackers, we've seen a cottage industry of official and unofficial AirTag accessories spring up. If you're on the lookout for an easy and affordable way to attach your AirTag trackers to your keys and other valuable items, you can score a super cheap deal on ESR's keychain AirTag cases.

Right now at Amazon, you can get a two-pack of keychain cases for just $10.99. These are usually pretty inexpensive at full price, but they are down to $13 there and fall even further when you clip the coupon on their product page before adding to your cart.

ESR AirTag Keychain 2-pack

ESR AirTag Keychain 2-pack

Snag two keychain cases for your AirTag trackers at Amazon for just $5.50 apiece with this deal. The two-pack of black silicone AirTag holders are already 13% off and drop even further when you clip the on-page coupon.

ESR's AirTag cases are made of flexible silicone so you can slip your AirTag in there and have it held securely in place by the grippy material. Like a lot of other AirTag holders, the case is open on both sides to avoid any interference with its signal and allow your emoji engraving and shiny Apple logo to shine through.

Designed to attach to your keys easily, ESR's offering includes easy-to-use keychain clips that are basically mini carabiners that can attach to your keys or clip to a bag in seconds.

If you're wanting a simple and effective solution for attaching AirTag trackers to your gear, the extra savings on ESR's keychain cases makes it a no-brainer buy. Even if you plan to upgrade to a fancy leather option or some other premium design at some point, these will serve a purpose and make your AirTags usable in more places for the time being.

Shipping timeframes have already begun slipping for thee ESR cases and the extra savings could disappear at any point so don't want to place your order at Amazon.

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