ESR's MagSafe-compatible wireless chargers and car mounts start at just $15

Esr Halolock Magsafe Charging Car Mount Lifestyle
Esr Halolock Magsafe Charging Car Mount Lifestyle

One cool new feature that the iPhone 12 lineup brought with it is MagSafe. There's already a cottage industry of MagSafe accessories with new items being announced regularly as accessory brands figure out neat use cases for Apple's auto-aligning magnet tech.

Accessory maker ESR was among the first to come out with its own MagSafe-compatible devices and right now you can save up to 40% on a couple of them at Amazon with coupon code 20OFFWIRE, dropping prices as low as $15.


ESR HaloLock Dashboard Wireless Charger for MagSafe

Keep your phone out of your hands while driving with this super-convenient mount. It makes use of Apple's MagSafe tech in the latest iPhone 12 series to hold onto your phone without needing a fiddly clamp. Use the on-page coupon & below code to save.

First up is ESR's new HaloLock wireless charging car mount. It uses magnets hold onto your iPhone while you drive around and an integrated Qi charger tops up your phone at up to 7.5W. You can mount your phone in portrait or landscape orientation and it's easy to do so since there's no fiddly clamp to mess with to adjust your phone.

You can snag one today at Amazon with a 33% discount. All you have to do is clip the coupon on its product page and enter the above code during checkout to see its price fall.


ESR HaloLock Wireless Charger for MagSafe

ESR's new wireless charger for iPhone automatically aligns for a perfect charge every time. That's thanks to built-in magnets and Apple's MagSafe technology in the latest iPhone 12 series. Use the below code to save on it.

If you don't need a mount for your phone in the car, you can still make the most of MagSafe in your iPhone 12 with your wireless charger at home. Of course, Apple makes its own MagSafe charger and, though it supports 15W fast charging with the right power brick, it's pretty darn expensive.

ESR HaloLock wireless charger is an affordable alternative that, with its on-page coupon at Amazon and the above code, drops to just $14.99. It only provides standard 7.5W wireless charging but has the same convenient auto-alignment of Apple's first-part option for less than half the price.

These chargers are only designed to work with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series devices given that these are the only models with MagSafe built-in so far. Check out our list of the best wireless chargers for some other top picks if you're using an older iPhone model.

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