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What you need to know

  • Screenshots from Twitter purportedly show Apple's new 'CarKey' feature.
  • They seem to reveal the new iOS feature for unlocking your car.
  • It includes the sharing of keys and different levels of access, but it might not be real...

A set of screenshots purportedly showing Apple's new 'CarKey' feature for iOS has surfaced online.

As reported by MacRumors:

MacRumors recently discovered that Apple is developing a new "CarKey" feature that will allow an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start an NFC-compatible vehicle. Just like credit cards and boarding passes, users will be able to add a digital car key to the Wallet app, eliminating the need to use a physical car key or key fob.

CarKey will allow users to approach their vehicle, hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC reader in the vehicle, authenticate with Face ID, and have the vehicle unlock automatically. Similar to Apple Pay at transit turnstiles, Express Mode would be an option, eliminating the need to authenticate with Face ID or a passcode.

Earlier this week, screenshots of what appears to be the CarKey interface surfaced on Twitter, providing us with our first look at the upcoming feature.

The CarKey feature was discovered in the iOS 13.4 beta by 9to5Mac. That report suggested that Apple's iOS may one day include a feature to unlock your car with your iPhone or even Apple Watch. This is a functionality already available in some models of BMW, as such BMW is touted to be the first adopter of CarKey on iOS.

The screenshots above purportedly reveal what CarKey will look like when its available. The digital key appears much like a card in Apple Wallet and includes an Express Mode for disabling Face ID or passcode requirements. It also reportedly shows different levels of access for opening the trunk, the whole car, or unlocking the car and driving it. As you may note, the last screenshot isn't formatted well and has a typo that says 'Truck access' rather than trunk. That could well indicate that this is just a concept or a mockup rather than an actual screenshot of the feature in iOS.

The leak also shows an 'Invite' button that would suggest the feature, as reported previously will allow you to share your 'CarKey' with other people so they can also use it.