UPDATED: Find my iPhone for iPhone 3.0 on Me.com Today!

UPDATE: Enable your iPhone via Settings > Email > Mobile > Find my iPhone. Then go to me.com, login to your Account tab, and choose Find My iPhone from the sidebar. Voila! Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Screen grab after the break!

ORIApple just announced via their MobileMe News "blog" that:

Find My iPhone can be found at me.com today, but you also need iPhone OS 3.0 (available on June 17) installed on your iPhone to use the feature.You can learn more about Find My iPhone by visiting What's New for MobileMe.

We don't see it yet, but if you're a developer already rocking 3.0 and MobileMe, hit https://www.icloud.com/ and let us know if/how it works for you!

Rene Ritchie

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  • I have the page now for Find my iPhone but no 3.0 here to try it out. On the page it just says iPhone, not 3GS or 3G, so does it sound like this will work with the 2G iPhone as well? Maybe it just uses the cell phone tower trick only and just gives a less precise location? That might be the trick anyway since I always thought for GPS to work you needed a view of the sky...so it would not work in a building if it relied on GPS alone. Can't wait to try this feature out though.
  • Can't wait to try this out!! Not losing the phone but you know, just testing it.
  • Updated!
  • I have the page for Find my iPhone and it works perfectly, its a gem in an already sparkly crown. You can write a message and have a sound play for 2 minutes that appears on your iphone screen and you can even remote wipe all the data, this I have not tried - ha, I may look stupid but......
    So in my opinion a cool app for what is ultimately such a cool device from the Cool company that is Apple.
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  • ooo it works :)
  • Apple should just charge anyone (not just mobile me customers) $5-$20 each time to locate their phone. Anyone who has lost their phone would gladly pay $20 to find it. This would probably generate much more revenue for apple since it's open to many many more people.
  • I hope some developer makes a "clone" of this feature, that doesn't require 100 dollars from me every year.
  • Just tested the message feature and it works very well. The sound is pretty loud and it does indeed come on when the phone is in silent. It's nice that if you have a passlock on your phone you can ensure that the message pops up but the person who finds your phone cannot use it.
  • Maybe with a jailbreak but not in the AppStore. Apple would never approve anything that competes with them or competes with anything they think they will do in the future or have a partner that they would rather have develop first. Such BS. But I guess business is business.
  • I LOVE the carbdoard cover! I really needed a giggle today and just seeing that made me laugh! Love all your posts Kandee! You're sunshine in human form! :) xoxo
  • Trying the remote wipe feature... been like 15 min since I sent the message, waiting for it to wipe my device
  • I'm a dev with 3.0 installed and just tried this out on my me account and I have to say it's kind of off. I don't know if its my office building or what, but it pin pointed my iPhone as being about a half a mile down the road. Kind of worries me as to if this service will properly work.
  • I have 3.0 and have tried it a couple of times today. Works well although it was off by a block at one point. Was also able to send a message to the phone with an alert tone which works even if the phone is in silent mode.
    Once I hit ok on the phone it sends me an email telling me that the message was received.
    Still doubt anyone would be honest enough to give the phone back but would be fun messing with them before wiping the phone.
  • this really is a good reason to buy mobileme honesly, along with the original features.
  • Well it took 2 hours but my iPhone was finally told to erase, just realized that it'll take 2 hours to erase the iPhone. so now I gotta wait.
  • @Jakr:
    Well if it indeed does take two hours to erase than chances are they are doing a real erase rather than just nuking the directory. Which is good.
    But still that seem like a LONG time.
  • Too bad you couldn't enable this on a preordered GS and track it as it makes it's way to you :)
  • It's fun sending messages to your phone, LOL!
  • Well mine is not working it says no devices registered on Mobile me, not sure if it's because it's unlocked and on tmobile. It lets me turn the feature on, on the phone but mobile me won't let me do anything,
  • Two issues I've found:
    1) When the ringer switch is on vibrate the tone still plays BUT if you've turned down the ringer volume the alert tone only plays at that volume (ie: Not MAX volume). - - Annoying for those of us who turn down the ringer incase the vibrate toggle gets switched when we slide our iPhone into our pockets.
    2) Remote wiping the phone makes it impossible to send any further messages to the phone using the "Find my Iphone service... A little drastic in my opinion. iLocalis (the Jailbreak app Find My iPhone is recreating) allows users to lock out the phone making it only able to call one number that could be selected and modified as needed online. When you lost your phone, you locked it and had it display a customizable message with an option to call the customizable number - Worked great! and You didn't have to wipe your phone.
    Not everybody is a hacker, I don't need to destroy the encryption codes every time I forget my phone on a table in a conference room.
  • Hi! I need HELP! I have upgraded to 3.0 and have tried Find my iPhone and have remote wiped. for more than 2 hours. iTunes don't recognize my iPhone and I am not able neither to put it in DFU mode. Any ideas? Is mu iPhone bricked???? Help!!!!
    Thank you!
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  • Jon,
    Hold the home button while you insert the cable into the phone. This will force iTunes to recognize the phone.
    I had the same problem and Apple's technical support suggested I do this.
  • any other suggestions as to the iphone not connecting to iTunes after a wipe? No response....
  • I used Find My iPhone Remote Wipe... it now doesn't respond to iTunes to sync back up. Just a black screen with no response. PLEASE HELP!!!!