Former Apple exec given jail time and hefty fine in wire fraud sentencing

Apple logo at Moscone
Apple logo at Moscone (Image credit: iMore)

Former Apple global supply manager Paul Devine was sentenced earlier this week for his wire fraud crime. Devine was an executive at Apple from 2005 until 2010 when he was arrested. Under the sentencing terms, he must serve a year in prison and also pay back $4.5 million.

As reported by the Associated Press:

Paul S. Devine was sentenced in San Jose federal court earlier this week, more than three years after he pleaded guilty to wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. The U.S. Attorney's office announced Devine's penalty Friday, but declined to explain the reason for the lengthy delay in his sentencing.

If you're interested in the case, you can see our prior reporting of how Devine used confidential Apple information to extort kickbacks from Apple suppliers.

Source: Associated Press; Via: 9to5 Mac

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