Former Apple retail SVP John Browett speaks about his time at Apple

Former Apple retail head John Browett has spoken about his brief time at the company. Speaking at the Retail Week Live conference, Browett praised Apple and it's culture, saying that ultimately, he wasn't a good fit:

Apple is a truly fantastic business. The people are great, they've got great products, it's got a great culture and I loved working there, it's a fantastic business. The issue there was that I just didn't fit within the way they run the business. It was one of those things where you're rejected for fit rather than competency.

Browett, now the CEO of Monsoon Accessorize, said that he had learned a lot about what kind of person he is to work with, and that working at Apple had been a humbling experience, making him a nicer person. Hopefully Browett actually did learn something, as he was dismissed after six months on the job. Browett's short tenure at Apple notable for major staffing missteps and PR gaffs that ultimately led to his leaving the company in November. Apple has yet to find anyone to replace Browett, with the retail team reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook in the meantime.

Source: Retail Week Live, via MacRumors

Joseph Keller

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