Fox News: AT&T Outbid Everyone on iPad, Verizon Still in Talks over iPhone, iPad

Fox News is reporting that AT&T outbid all other GSM providers in offering those reasonable $14.99 and $29.99 data plans for the iPad, and while Verizon and Apple are still discussing both the iPhone and iPad, there's still nothing approaching an agreement in place.

What about all those rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone like, now?

the two companies are still "very much talking and plan to bring an iPhone and an iPad" to the CDMA network this year, following the expiration of AT&T's exclusive agreement with Apple.Still talking? These guys have been talking since 2006 before the launch of the first iPhone! Stop talking already and consummate the darn relationship -- or walk away. When asked for comment about these on-going talks, Verizon spokesman Jeff Nelson said, "no comment," so officially the company isn't talking about the talks.

Bottom line then, it still could be later in the year, could be as far away as LTE next year or the year after.

[Fox News via Apple Insider]

Rene Ritchie

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