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What you need to know

  • Foxconn has denied reports regarding a timetable for resuming production within its factories.
  • A recent Reuters report suggested it plans to return to 50% production by the end of February.
  • Foxconn has said that this report was not factual, but failed to provide any information to the contrary.

Foxconn has denied reports that it plans to resume 50% of its production by the end of February, as it attempts to deal with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on its workforce and production.

A recent report had suggested that it was hoping to return to half production by the end of this month, and would push for further gains in March.

Now, however, a statement from Foxconn made to the Taipei stock exchange has said that the report was "not factual". As reported by Reuters:

Taiwan's Foxconn said on Thursday that recent Reuters reports on its plant resumption plans in China were not factual. Foxconn made the comment in a statement to the Taipei stock exchange, without elaborating on its production status.

It continues:

"Recently, Reuters reports on the group's overall resumption schedule for the mainland China plants are not factual, and Hon Hai hereby clarifies it," Foxconn said in the statement.

"In the past, the aforementioned media's reports related to the group's mainland China plants resumption are mostly not factual," it said, adding that the reports have caused "misunderstandings and difficulties for employees, investors and the general public."

However, Foxconn has offered no clarification or information regarding what the actual timetable might be, and a company spokesman told Reuters that all elaborations were made in the statement.

If Foxconn claims that reports over a return to 50% production by February are incorrect, it could mean that it actually hopes to achieve more than this. More likely, however, it might indicate that Foxconn is not able to resume at anywhere near this rate.

A recent report indicated that Foxconn had re-opened its Zhengzhou plant, the main iPhone factory in the region. However, only 10% of the workforce is reported to have returned.

DigiTimes recently suggested that the outbreak may not impact iPhone 9 production, but that it could end up impacting the iPhone 12.

A new testing method using CT scans to reveal lung infections has significantly expedited the diagnostic process for coronavirus patients. However, as a result, another 14,840 cases were reported on Thursday, along with 242 more deaths.