Friday Fun: The unofficial One more thing (WWDC 2011 Song)

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs (Image credit: Apple)

The phrase “One more thing” is such a well known term delivered at the end of Apple keynotes by CEO Steve Jobs. It’s usually just before announcing an amazing new product right at the very end. In honor of this, Cory Smith of Cardinal Media Technologies has put together a rap song entitled......One more thing (WWDC 2011 Song). Some of the lyrics are below:-

Phil Schiller told us we wouldn’t want to miss this would have been gold if there’d been more specifics so I look to Gruber discern his predictions to see if the rumors will turn into fiction damn this consumer addiction to all these gadgets and the magic within them all the designs by Jonny Ive so I guess I better check who’s blogging live can’t wait to download the developer preview

You can listen to the full song right after the break. It’s good fun and all adds nicely to the build up to WWDC 2011.

[Smixx via Cult of Mac]

One More Thing (WWDC 2011 Song) by Smixx


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  • Haha, awesome. Would be even more awesome if Apple played this song at the beginning of the keynote!
  • Haha I love this.
  • I'd rather listen to someone vomit than rap. Vomiting requires more skill.
  • Amen brother.
  • Rene why didnt you rap this
  • Rap makes me spitup!
  • U a dum ass
  • That really wasn't that good...
  • haaha LOL
  • I think if Steve Jobs were a pro wrestler, this would be his intro music. He would of course be dressed as a ninja.
  • Steve Jobs likes people who can sing, not ret@rds.