Friday Fun Video: BlackBerry Takes a Non-Subtle Shot at Apple

Wow, the Storm launching to a buggy, bashed start must really have bothered the marketing drones at RIM, especially when the iPhone 3G outsold in its second quarter outsold the Storm in its debut by almost 2 to 1... How else can we explain this cute little "shot" just taken at Apple?

Of course, we all know in the real world the Apple would have spun around, Kung-Fu style, and caught RIM's little BerryBullet in it's bitten-out teeth. Then... Skeedoosh! Massive shock-wave leveling everything this side of Waterloo.

Seriously though, why would anyone end any ad for a touch-screen device by saying "no one can touch it", especially after all the complaints about this particular implementation's usability...?

Still, hung-over as we are from the CrackBerry birthday bash, we'll link up the romanticized little RIM version so you can lend us your thoughts...

Rene Ritchie

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