Apple sweeps up 15 wins at the Future Tech Awards

Future Tech Awards Hero
Future Tech Awards Hero (Image credit: Future)

Future Tech Awards Hero

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Over 100 different winners were crowned in the Future Tech Awards, and Apple was the biggest winner with five Future Choice awards and 10 Reader's Choice awards. With over 200,000 votes cast, our readers voted for the iPhone 11 Pro as the best smartphone of 2019 and Future's in-house judges felt the same.

Apple also got the most Reader's Choice votes for Best Tablet, Best Smart Watch, Best Smartphone Camera, Best Smartphone Manufacturer, Best TV Platform, Best Streaming Device, Best Wireless Earbuds, Smartphone of the Decade (for the iPhone 4), and Computer of the Decade (for the MacBook Pro).

In addition to the best smartphone of 2019, the Future Choice judges awarded Apple Best Smartphone Manufacturer, Best Laptop (MacBook Pro 16-inch), Best Wireless Earbuds, and Smartphone of the Decade (iPhone 4).

Alongside Apple, there were wins for Nintendo as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was voted the Game of the Year in the Reader's Choice awards and the Switch won for Gaming Console of the Decade in the Future Choice awards.

The Future Tech Awards also played host to the annual Future Tech Hall of Fame, recognizing the lifetime achievements of the following individuals:

  • Lisa Su, President, and CEO, AMD
  • Jason Johnson, Co-founder and CEO, August Home
  • Marques Brownlee, MKBHD

Future 50 recognized the achievements of 50 individuals in 2019, highlighting them as being at the forefront of technology and listing them as key people to watch in 2020. The winners include:

  • Carl Pei, Co-founder of OnePlus
  • David Glickman, CEO of Mint Mobile
  • Jon Rettinger, Influencer at Jon4Lakers

Check out the full list of winners at the Future Tech Awards website!

Nirave Gondhia