Fornite on iOSSource: Epic Games

You don't need me to get into the mess that is the Epic and Apple spat all over again. At this point, we've all had more than enough of it. I didn't intend on writing anything about Epic or Fortnite today – and then Stadia happened. Google's game streaming service is now available on iPhone and iPad via a web app. The same is already the case for Nvidia's GeForce Now, too. And that makes the Epic Fortnite madness – that's a pun I couldn't ignore – even more ridiculous.

See, Apple kicked Fortnite out of the App Store because it bypassed its in-app purchase system. Epic broke the rules and paid the consequences. And so did a ton of Fortnite players, including yours truly. All because Apple wants to take its 30% from the in-app Vbucks sales.

Now, let me be clear. Apple is in the right here, at least as far as its kicking Fortnite off the App Store. Epic knew the rules when it signed up. It broke them willingly. I have very little sympathy for Epic here. But I can't help but think the whole spat is a waste of time because Fortnite will be back on iPhones and iPads soon enough – via GeForce Now at least, and likely other game streaming services like it. And Apple won't get a penny out of Vbucks purchases there, either.

Ultimately, Apple probably knows that it won't be making money on Vbucks no matter how things go. I'm also pretty sure that Safari is something Apple would love to nix if it could – it gives people a way to run apps and services outside of the App Store, after all.

So really, who gains anything by Fortnite not being in the App Store? Apple can use it as a stick to beat other developers with if needed. But it'll probably never get that 30% back. And Epic? As far as I can see, 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

And that's exactly what it's getting now.