Where to buy Apple Vision Pro (when it comes out)

Apple Vision Pro
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So it’s finally happened – Apple VR, now called Apple Vision Pro, is finally here, and thanks to WWDC, we know what it looks like. That means we’ll be exploring virtual worlds and navigating augmented workspaces wearing a glass-fronted Apple branded headset, with a small video of our eyes for all the world to see.

We've also seen that eye-watering $3,499 price point – although there's plenty of time to get saving for one, as it's not going to be coming out in the US, until 'early 2024,' or whatever that means.

But now that we have an idea of when we’re going to get one, how are we going to get one, and where from? The Vision Pro headset is as yet unavailable to preorder anywhere, and even at Apple you'll need to ask to be notified when it becomes available. But we've collated a list of all the places you'll likely be able to find one – and we'll keep the page updated so that you know exactly where to get one when it comes out proper early next year.

Where to preorder

There as yet aren't any places where you can preorder an Apple Vision Pro, although you can expect it to arrive at a couple of places. According to Apple, one of the best places to buy when it comes out is at a physical store – there are going to be physical demonstrations in stores with Apple geniuses, so you know what you're getting in for.

These aren't places to preorder the new headset, but rather places we reckon you'll find one, and the benefits that will come with shopping there. This page will be updated as preorders and orders go live – in about a year.

The Apple Store | 'Notify me'

The Apple Store | 'Notify me'

So we know that it's going to cost $3,499, and that you'll be able to get one at the Apple Store. Online at the moment, you can opt to be notified when one becomes available to preorder, so that you can be ahead of the curve when the time comes. We'd recommend you do this if you want to ensure you get a device early when it comes out next year.

Best Buy | Apple Vision Pro

Best Buy | Apple Vision Pro

While the headset is unavailable in the store as yet, it is likely that you'll be able to nab one here closer to the time. There is faster delivery than many places here, as well as local pickup if you need it.

B&H Photo | Apple Vision Pro

B&H Photo | Apple Vision Pro

There is as yet no option to preorder an Apple Vision Pro at B&H Photo, but it's always a solid option when Apple kit goes into the first ordering stages. There is expedited delivery here as well if you need it.

What does the Apple Vision Pro look like?

Apple VR looks like a very Apple version of an AR headset. There's that massive glass panel on the front, a wide headband on the rear, and an extra battery box below that houses all the juice to power the headset for two hours. It's a little bulkier than we perhaps thought it might be, but it is still a very svelte-looking device.

Why should I preorder Apple Vision Pro?

If you want to make sure you get the Apple Vision Pro on release, then preordering the device is a top priority. The stock also might not last a day beyond the release date, so you’ll be left wanting for a Vision Pro if you don’t preorder. 

How much does Apple Vision Pro cost?

Apple Vision Pro has a price now, and while we expecting it, it's still a hefty one. The unit will cost $3,499, which is a lot, and crucially a full iPhone SE more than we thought it might be.

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