Will the third generation iPod touch, widely expected to be released at Apple's next Music Event in September, weigh in at 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, and be position at $199/$299/$399?

Whether Daring Fireball is making the logical assumption based on Apple's previous behavior and iPod touch price points, or they're privy to something a little more concrete, that's what Gruber is saying in response to the Zune HD's pricing of 16GB/32GB for $219/$289.

(Though currently the second gen 8GB iPod touch is $229, not $199...?)

Since the iPod touch has two NAND Flash slots for the iPhone's one, it typically gets double the upper-range of storage for the same year's iPhone. Thus, the 32GB iPhone 3GS almost certainly means a 64GB iPod touch this September.

If accurate, then, there goes Microsoft's purported pricing advantage, storage-wise. (If the iPod touch does indeed have built in camera and video capability, or other so-far-unleaked features, it could again be a case of Microsoft shipping a spectacular Zune, 1 or 2 years too late...)

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