Third Generation iPod touch Pricing at 16GB/32GB/64GB for $199/$299/$399?

Will the third generation iPod touch, widely expected to be released at Apple's next Music Event in September, weigh in at 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, and be position at $199/$299/$399?

Whether Daring Fireball is making the logical assumption based on Apple's previous behavior and iPod touch price points, or they're privy to something a little more concrete, that's what Gruber is saying in response to the Zune HD's pricing of 16GB/32GB for $219/$289.

(Though currently (opens in new tab) the second gen 8GB iPod touch is $229, not $199...?)

Since the iPod touch has two NAND Flash slots for the iPhone's one, it typically gets double the upper-range of storage for the same year's iPhone. Thus, the 32GB iPhone 3GS almost certainly means a 64GB iPod touch this September.

If accurate, then, there goes Microsoft's purported pricing advantage, storage-wise. (If the iPod touch does indeed have built in camera and video capability, or other so-far-unleaked features, it could again be a case of Microsoft shipping a spectacular Zune, 1 or 2 years too late...)

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • That new zune looks haawt
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  • Yea the Zune does look hawt... If it were coming out last year.
  • Can't wait for the 64 Gig version of the iPod.
  • Hey just to let you guys know that in this article you put iPhone touch 8gb instead of iPod touch!:)
  • Fixed, thanks!
  • @Justin
    Are you serious? What was out last year that could touch the Zune HD? It's a media player first and foremost and there is nothing out right now or from a year ago that is as powerful, slick and small as the Zune HD. Come on man, let's keep it real ok?
  • @Neil
    Dude. That is what Justin said. It looks hot - if it was last year. Once the new iPod Touch is out it won't look as hot. The iPod may lack HD or it may have it. But it should have the same and more storage and maybe a few features lacking in the Zune.
    So, it would have been really "hawt" last year and not as much this year.
  • @Homie
    That's not how I read it....but doesn't really matter.
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  • Maybe apple will go the extra mile and instead of waiting a whole nother year they'll add a 128 GB too. Just maybe a little thicker as the current.
    And the so called zune "HD" is only HD audio not video!! There's no HD screen!! It's less resolution than the iPod NANO!! and apple has iTunes. Zune has rhapsody, amazon etc.
    iPod has zune beat.
    Apple doesn't need to add HD screen. At least not until they add it to the iPhone (which they should do first)
    many people are gonna be disappointed with their zune HD when they find there's no HD screen:)
  • Personally I don't think Apple needs to do any major. The iPod/iPhone are so ingrained into society that it's unlikely Apple will lose market share even if the updates are only on the storage side of things.
  • Don't underestimate the value of a lower price point. As a a great salesman friend of mine said "There's no brand loyalty i can't overcome with a dollar less a six pack."
    The Zune looks cool and could be a very successful device if it is a $100 less than the iPod. No, if Apple narrows the margin...
  • Rene had iPhone on the brain from the last thread :P
  • jlc1978 said:
    Don’t underestimate the value of a lower price point. As a a great salesman friend of mine said “There’s no brand loyalty i can’t overcome with a dollar less a six pack.”
    If it ain't Guinness, Dos Equis or Samuel Adams, you can keep it! I don't even care if it's $5 less!!!
  • @Neil
    Bottom line: Apple doesn't put out the ipod touch there would be no Zune HD. Seriously. Apple brings things to the masses, microsoft copies apple. Its the way its always been. And c'mon, calling something HD that doesn't actually display things in hd unless you spend more more for add ons to hook to your tv? Pure microsoft, isn't?
  • This is very believable. This is definitely worthy of a 'Boom!'..
    And it's true what's being said in the comments about the Zune HD.. It doesn't play HD video itself, so that's a very misleading title.. I think if they call something HD it should play 720p on the device and export at 1080p.
  • @the real truth
    Apple generally does an excellent job and I love most of their products, but that doesn't stop me from saying a product from another company is good too if they've done a good job...I don't know what your story is.
  • @Adam
    Please research before making comments. The Zune HD does output 720p to your HD Display. It is a full rez 720p file on the player. You can play the same file on the Zune HD screen, however it will scale down to the player screen. It is not a upconverted file it is a full HD file. Check out the mp3 insider form Cnet, clearly stated that it will output HD to your tv. Also, 720p, 1080i or 1080p wont matter on screens as small as the Ipod Touch or Zune HD.
  • Its simple....he's an apple fanboy! lol
  • Apple fanboyz....afraid of a little competition. I think the Zude HD looks way better than the iphone or ipod touch, and this is coming from an iphone user. Learn to love competition because it leads to better technology and cheaper prices.
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  • Apple release a new version of the same product every 3 month and idiots keep selling the old product to but the new one... only if you guys realized how much apple is screwing you over...
    if a new zune was to come out 5 months from now, i would have nothing to worry about because microsoft will release the exact same update for the zune hd...
    you guys could go get screwed by apple
  • im on the fence off which one to get, the zune hd or the new itouch. ill obviously wait but if the zune hd has no apps well then its going to blow, radio is nice but i almost never use it on my previous zune and if the new itouch has a camera well... but the zune software is a hundred times better than itunes
  • plus the zunes web browser doesnt support flash
  • No NO NO first off apple releases a new line of products once a year not every few months and who are you kidding microsoft is the king of making people pay for upgrades(98,XP,Vista, Windows 7) you tell me how free it is to upgrade via microsoft. And as far as releasing updates for older devices well my ipod touch started off with firmware 1.0.0 now I am running firmware 3.0.1 and I did not have to buy a new ipod to do so. Also I would like to see microsoft give you the update for a camera on your zune without buying a new one this would be a trick I would love to see. Don't get me wrong I am a PC user myself but when it comes to personal portable music Apple takes the cake hands down. As far as being ******* by apple whether it be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates either one of them will **** you when ever they get the chance thats how they got where they are.
  • wow, so much anger! The Zune HD will be a nice option for the ********s who won't buy Apple :p
  • 引用框(iJoseph @ )請問一下,對於iOS5來說,有一些新的圖示,像是 Reminder 和Videos, Newsstand等。請問大大知道如果我要自己加上這些icon的話,該放的資料結夠是怎樣呢? 像是 mail來說, 它是, etc. 那新的圖示呢?謝謝您目前已知Videos iconicon.pngicon@2x.pngBundle id =
  • Personally i really don't care much for having a camera on an mp3, especially if i have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Apple overprices customers for everything. Im not saying Microsoft don't as well, but it is way more prominent with apple. What Microsoft did was focus on putting music 1st, and everything else second, which i applaud.
  • smchrist2,
    actually the zune has its own software and a music store called the zune marketplace
  • @ BJ Guy
    You had to pay $10 to upgrade to 2.0 and another $10 to upgrade to 3.0 if you have the iPod touch as you say you do.
    I want a player that has it all. HD video, 64GB of flash, OLED screen, Multi-touch, external speaker, built in microphone. If Apple releases the new iPod touch with all this, microsoft waited tooo longggg to release an iPod touch competitor.
    Now, I have a 16GB iPhone 3G and a 120GB Zune.(With the little space for storage on my iPhone, I don't waste it with Music. I have 78GB of media on my Zune and 12GB of media(minus music) on my iPhone) I know and am familiar with each devices OS and I can say that the Zune OS is much more fun to use. The iPhone is to easy, looks bland, and doesn't have features it should have. My iPhone is Jailbroken and unlocked running on Tmo so I can do whatever I want basically
    The App store will be the deciding factor for the Zune HD or iPod touch 3rd Gen
  • I think that the prices will be cheaper than the iPhone. That would make sense!!! (:))
  • Of course the prices will be cheaper than the iPod. M$ will have the things made at slave wages in some third world country.
  • Like Apple (or almost every other multinational co. nowadays) doesn't outsource their manufacturing to China. ;)
    The Zune looks cool, but who cares about having HD video on a tiny screen where you can barely even notice it? I'm sticking with my ipod touch for now, but Apple would be smart to follow on and build more capacity into it. A lot of people are huge music/movie freaks!
  • I have not read any comments about what really matters here: SQ. I have never listened to a Zune, but I have listened to the Iphone 3G and 3GS. I have been told that they have the same quality as the Ipod Touch. If this is the case, then the SQ on the IT is definitely LACKING, especially compared to Sony and Samsung and Cowan. All of the gimmicks are nice, but at the end of the day, I want the player that SOUNDS the better.
  • People are always arguing about How ipods are better than zunes.
    People get over it, Its a little machine that doesnt give a sh!t what you think of it.
  • People will always argue nonsense things that don't matter. Was Jesus black or white? Is the world going to end in 2012? Is Apple better than Zune? There will always be people on both sides agreeing, and saying the other side blows.
    I'm excited for the ipod touch 3g. when it comes to mp3 players I just trust apple more. i've bought a zune and a sansa and they're both dead now. The camera will be another one of those un-needed but cool extras and I can't wait to find out if they have a mic attached to it, which would be fantastic.
    Hell, I'd buy one. And to one of the responders above, iPod touch 2g came with 2.0, so i only had to pay $10 to get to 3.0. I couldn't tell the different and it kind of sucked but oh well. These things happen.
  • I just can't wait to see what kind of new features the new iPod touch 3G is going to have. :)
    More space would be great, also a cam and a mic. Well I am defenetly buying it, if it has 2 upgrades mentioned above.
    See U in an AppStore:-)
  • Apple takes the cake for pmp's.. there's no app for a particle beam tho :(
  • If the camera on the itouch 3g is anything like the iphone 3gs, it won't be just a way to caputure video. Apple has cool inexpensive apps that allows someone to take pics of documents and convert them to a pdf very quickly. thats something a camera has never been able to do, beside a scanner which is not hand held. apple all the way
  • I think that there might be a microphone on the new ipod touch because of the voice control
  • Can anyone say "App Store"? It's not the hardware that gets you hooked, it's the apps that you have access to after you buy. Unless ZUNE gets a strong developer following for the OS, it's all for nothing.
  • Bull----,
    Look, I'm not contradicting you. Of COURSE Apple's products are better quality. All I'm saying is you need a dictionary and some grammar lessons, that's all.
  • Zune vs iPod
    Sound Quality: Zune; Something the iPod is lacking
    Video: Zune; HD videos
    Interface: iPod; Easier to use
    Songs; iPod; iTunes has more songs face it
    Apps; iPOd by far; it has the app store, you might have a camera, Games
    So it comes down to a cheaper music player compared to a more expensive multimedia device.
  • I just wat rwo things that are actually very likely to happen:
    Same processor and RAM than the iPhone 3GS, priced same or lower than the actual 2nd gen.
  • hey! So will itouch 3rd generation be coming out soon?
  • Apple is hosting a music event on September 9 where they are going to introduce all the new iPods and new iTunes. So the iPod Touch 3G should be for sale on September 9 or shortly after.
  • @ the real truth:
    the real truth said:
    Aug 13th @ 06:59 pm
    Bottom line: Apple doesn’t put out the ipod touch there would be no Zune HD. Seriously. Apple brings things to the masses, microsoft copies apple. Its the way its always been. And c’mon, calling something HD that doesn’t actually display things in hd unless you spend more more for add ons to hook to your tv? Pure microsoft, isn’t?
    sorry to bring this up late, but seriously, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT???? You fucking dumbass. Microsoft made the PC. THEN. Apple decided to get in on the market. Just because apple is making billions on iPods and Microsoft decided to try to get in on it. This hasn't been going on forever, this isn't "the way it's always been". Stfu. You ignorant fucker
  • @ the real truth: I agree with Kale as well... And since Kale already said about the ipods, lets talk about the Operating System which Windows are "good" at.
    Apple made a fantastic job with the OS 10, that made Windows XP look shabby. And when Vista came out, its a so called "Copy" of the OS10 BUT it isnt, Cuz its alot worse than OS10 and EVEN Windows XP and almost everybody hates it till the point windows went to upgrade the XP instead for Service pack 3.
    Not only that, now snow leopard is out and its so much easier, faster, nicer and better than the normal leopard at such a cheap $49 upgrade. And even without snow leopard, the normal one is already a very stable platform.
    And for windows, they made the Windows 7 which is going to seem abit expensive and the reason why they made it is to solve the retarded problems from Vista which is so ******* irritating and unstable.
    Apple tries to make people happy and make them even more happier when new products come in. Windows makes products which doesnt make people happy but try to make new products to make them happy and never happier. THINK ABOUT IT!
  • Wouldn't touch Zune. Had a 8gb Zune. Was in the shop twice. A month out of warranty the thing died for the third and final time. Microsoft makes slip shod hardware.
  • I agree with BlueSwift. Microsoft sucks, but i like PCs more. This picture makes a pretty good point:
  • ... sorry that link screwed up. here's another:
  • ipod touch zune hd
    $200 $220
    $300 $290
    hm......... I think id go with apple because its cheaper for 16gb and i know apple plus theres gonna be a camera. hope fully beteer sound quality, because i do admit apple needs to do better on that.
  • when you jail break your touch will you be able to have the latest patch for the device? if so will the patch improve the device in loading times, errors, etc?
    jailbreak or not?
  • Are you sure it'll be this price? It seems a bit low to me. =/ I mean, I hope it'll be this cheap. =D
    Is there a reason why people might think it'll be $199/$299/$399?
  • Why don't we just say if u like the itouch get an itouch if u like zune then get zune. It's personal opinion anyway...
  • This was hilarious to read all of the comments arguing for either the Apple Ipod Touch or the Microsoft Zune HD platform! Wow! However, I must admit, I personally think that Windows PC's are total P.O.S.! IMO. I am Mac all the way!!! Mac Ipod Touch 3G hell yeah! I just sold my Touch 2G to get this 3G! I'm typing this very message right now on a white 2G Macbook laptop! Life is good. F...all the haters, cuz everyone knows that Macs are better. I just pretend to care with my Windows PC friends. haha.
    dude don't post that kind of junk... that stupid smouch stuff. task manager deals with it anyway. but dude on a info posting type website like this, don't prank people like that
    as for "ITOUCH" it's not even called that. it's IPOD TOUCH not ITOUCH.
    i hope it all works out for the 3rd gen iPod touch tomorrow....
    - camera... hope so
    - w/ video.... it'd be cool
    - microphone... even better
    - breathalyzer.... only for Google phone people
    - apps.... that's their selling point
    - 3G capabilities on iPod touch.... very unlikely as AT&T would get a little ticked
    - GPS.... would be awesome but no not gonna happen
    - SKYPE.... see the app
    - Wi-Fi being faster.... would be good
    - longer battery life.... yep good
    - processing speed.... hope it's faster
    - more Bluetooth add-ons..... yeah baby hope so
    - download capability like Nintendo DS (as in the sharing of games over local networks with the use of only 1 licensed, physical game)..... that would be AWESOME maybe in the far future if Apple realizes this would add even more sales :)
    - editing of photos/video.... see apps for iPhone (would work for iPod if it will have video...)
    - free online SMS texting.... see numerous free apps
    - automatic connection to foreign computers (by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB....) .... probably NOT but maybe with jailbreaking
    - free emulators/third-party stuff craziness (free ILLEGAL games, video, movies, music, etc.) .... yeah like always.... (I'VE never done this myself but it's possible) --- (ONLY DONE BY JAILBREAKING)
    - HD audio.... i have absolutely no idea if this is currently possible on iPod touch 2nd gen but maybe on 3rd gen but probably not
    ok i have to go to sleep.... bye peoples PCE (hope it comes out tomorrow... with some of this stuff (and maybe cheaper price?....))
    the actuality of all this..... unlikely but hopeful ..... i think the press release IS tomorrow.... sooooo.... yeah watch for it dudes!!!
    bye dudes peoples good night
  • Apple screwed up hardcore. No camera on the iPod Touch and putting one on the Nano = Epic fail. I'm pissed. The only new thing is larger space and faster processor. This doesn't even count as a new generation. Wtf Apple.
  • so what the deal on the ipod touch 3rd gen? shouldnt they be out by now?
  • Yeah they're out, it shouldn't even be called a 3rd generation, they should be called iPod Touch 2.1 Gen. Check it out....
  • I am done with apple!
  • I would like to say that apple is evil and is using a strategy to making more money. I bet they encouraged the rumor of a camera for the 3rd gen to get people to notice them. This is Microsoft's big chance to put a camera in its Zune HD. If they do so it will be revolutionary just like when they first introduced windows. The camera will level the device with Apple's iTunes.
    I am not getting any ipod touches until they put in a camera because then it will be fair. I don't give a damn about differentiating the Touch to iPhone. If the Touch is a multimedia device then why can't you take pictures from the same device to upload it to your myspace or facebook or email it to family and friends? What a JIPP. My family and friends have agreed to not buy the Touch. Instead we are going to get the Zune HD.
    iPhone people who say its better that way...F U. Your device is called an iPhone so in essence it should just be a Touch with phone capabilities. So lets take away your camera and see how you will feel about it B*TCH. I don't get why you are so jealous of the Touch getting a camera, we're not asking for phone capabilities you greedy Selfish idiotic old brained saps.
  • im getting ipod touch coz of apps and zune will have not much software and stuff touch is established and is best mp3 to Date!!!
  • Bottom line: Apple doesn’t put out the ipod touch there would be no Zune HD. Seriously. Apple brings things to the masses, microsoft copies apple. Its the way its always been. And c’mon, calling something HD that doesn’t actually display things in hd unless you spend more more for add ons to hook to your tv? Pure microsoft, isn’t?
    Here is a timeline:
    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs work together.
    Steve Jobs splits up and starts apple.
    Steve Jobs creates first GUI (Graphical User Interface) I.E. Folder Icons
    Bill Gates creates a new OS (operating system) with a GUI.
    Everything goes downhill from there.
    However, I will grant that Microsoft should stick to Operating Systems. Apple needs some way to make money, which has been by far the iPod and other portables.
  • Fuk the ipod GET THE IPHONE U RETARS
  • LOL IPOD VS IPHONE= IPHONE BECAUSE IPHONE HAS CAMERA, ITS A PHONE AND BETTER GRAPHICS SO GET ATNT AND BUY IT TRUST ME AND ANYONE WHO SAYS IPHONE AND ZUNE ROCKS, [SOME WORDS WILL BE DISTIRBING AND NOT FOR 10 YEAR OLDS OR LOWER]U GOT NO TASTE U STUPID LIL MUTHA FU*KER. GO GET A LIFE CUZ IM RICH SUCKAAAAAAA!!!!!!! THANK YALL WHO LISTENED UNLIKE STUPID BRATS WHO GET THE IPOD TOUCH WHO MAKE NO MONEY AT ALL AND FORCE THEIR BOTFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND TO GIVE THEM $199 AND THEN DICTH EM'. NOW IM BORED SO IM GONNA WRITE RANDOMLY..... ENJOY!!!! UHSDFYGAEYDEWaDGwqsgdtWQFDYWDTETYFGWEHYGFDTEWVDTFaqedrYEWGFgweYRIRqwyFTqwe6a3wferyaewrrygaewtrgaweyfr ewhfbvawuergawjebvtraserya3wf aewh fwaehrt fwjahebvrfjrewhtfrenuaenhryuerfytrehf6e8rfyrreuutfsuyerhsfuhrgfsrfghyswrjertjewrhnfjrrfgurshgfursggfjrgrhgyurhhugfjdgurhfjgrsgfrhkhghrkufhurtiltfhkrgsbgfthhgrufuesrhfjashfkjnsgf ksrebsuerhfjsrads fbfdjbgserngfsfd g dfjg gf s sg g s gf fg f s g sggf
  • yeah, about the pricing, just stumbled upon the offer on where the ipod touch 32GB is featured at less than $75. You can see for yourself at So, anyone thinks this could be a real offer and an original product?! Thanks, hope to get feedback on this!
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  • Check at site I see the price is $181.99/$274.99/$364.12 at this time. I also plan to buyApple iPod touch 32GB 3rd Generation at amazon site, I think this place is cheapest as I have checked!!!
  • i have looked on all websites but i want a 3rd generation 16GB ipod touch but i cant find one anywhere!! on here how much is the 16Gb 3rd generation??
  • i agree with Emilia. there isn't any information these days :(.
  • price this, price that -- how about FREE, for a price?! That's right -- as a promotion companies are giving away iPod touch, iPhones, laptops and more. for FREE get them now at
  • hehe !
  • lol 64 is epic. :D
  • Comparing to any other prices on internet and in stores, I got the best deal on my brand new 4th generation iPod Touch.
  • I love cheap stuff!
  • You made some good points there. I did a search on the subject and found a good number of persons will agree with your blog.
  • I've looked up well tried to look up the prices for an i-pod touch 16gb 4th generation and 32gb but they keep giving me different results. i also tried to look it up on the website but they said they couldn't find what im looking for. HELP!
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