Third Generation iPod touch Now Being Tested?

Apple's third generation iPod touch seems to be going out for a little web-based test drive. Designated iPod touch 3,1, we first saw code hints of it in the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware, and then in rumors about the iPod touch getting a camera. Now, according to app analytics provider PinchMedia:

we’ve been noticing an “iPod 3,1″ string appearing in our version reporting, signifying what we believe to be a new yet-to-be-released version of the iPod Touch.

For the last two years, Apple has reveled new iPod touch models during their fall music-focused events. Last year, the second generation iPod touch debuted at Let's Rock alongside iPhone 2.1, and iTunes 8.

Since Apple likes their product cycles, does this mean we'll see iPod touch 3,1 and iPhone 3.1 sometime this September?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Who cares?!? We have iPhones! LOL! Chillax people, I'm just joking. I'd be very surprised if Apple didn't come out with a new Touch. The Touch needs a camera! I know many people who want a camera, but they can't afford an iPhone.
  • I am looking forward to the new release of the touch...i am still a blackberry guy, because I still need to type on my now i will get the best of both worlds...
  • News Flash: Apple is currently testing the next iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, Macbook, iMac, and yes iPhone 3,1...
    Some might have made it to the surface but most are probably deep in the Apple catacombs.
  • The question is, will the new Touch be a hardware improvement over the 3GS the way the 2G Touch was an improvement (faster processor, better audio chip, support for volume controls via headphone jack) over the iPhone 3G? OLED screen maybe? Doubt it will have a faster processor this time around- a touch should just scream if it uses the 3GS 600 MHz processor (since it doesn't need to think about phone stuff in the background).
  • Apple seems to be focused on games and apps for the iPod Touch. Therefore, I think that they will include all of the spec bumps that the 3GS has enjoyed and will also include the camera and GPS. Who knows, maybe they will also add the earpiece and mic and make it a voip phone as well. That would make the iPod Touch a great device.
  • Would like to see some kind of update for the iPod Classic. But then again, anyone have ideas how to update it excluding camera and a bigger storage?
  • What's next for iPod classic? 240gb? Does anyone even have that much music/videos? I think it's about time to phase it out.
  • Yup, the iPod Nano and iPod Touch outsell the Classic by 10-1 from what I can see. However the Classic seems to fill that "large capacity" niche, and is much about stopping someone like Sony getting any traction. A 64gb Touch, would be almost double the price of the 120gb Classic.
  • Obviously there will be a new iPod Touch. There is every year, so I'm yet to see why this is such a big deal.
  • @Al, I seriouly doubt it's getting GPS.
  • I have a feeling that what ever comes of this will be a sneak peak of the newer iPhone model 3,1.
  • It'll probably be in 8, 16, 32, 64GB versions. Maybe not even an 8GB version. I'd say there will be a camera and the new processor added in. It'll have all of the new iPhone features basically. I can see a built in mic being added, too, for video recording. This is a Touch I'll be picking up probably. Need to replace my 8GB G1 Touch.
  • a camera would be really nice for the new ipod touch...ha and im with blake, my 1st gen is gettin a little worn, i use it for practically everyting so its understandable...gah im so exciteddd!!!
  • As far as I can see, the touch will most likely include a faster processor and enhanced graphics chip for better game play. A camera? Possibly. Similiar to that of the DSi minus the forward facing camera. Most likely come in 16GB, 32GB and possibly a 64GB version to cover up the iPod classic. The classic should retire in my opinion since everything is becoming touchscreen.
    A slimmer design? I think not. It then would feel non-existent. I dont think an OLED screen will be used because it just cost too much to mass produce. Hence the recession. I would like to see an HD sound chip installed within the new iPods for better sound clarity.
  • an ipod touch with camera and faster processor would be genius for us poor college students who cant afford to shell out the money for an iphone or who are content with their current phone. I'm a 2nd gen ipod touch user and was disappointed that the 3.0 upgrade really slowed down startup time, safari, and the app store by about 50%!! Whats up with that! Hopefully apple is working on a patch to fix this...I was one of those people who paid $10 for the upgrade
  • Sure camera, GPS and the like would be nice. My vote for an upgrade would be syncing to my MacBook over bluetooth. Heck, even my crummy SonyEricsson phone can do that, why not a flashy new Touch?
  • well, I hope this iPod has a camera, I am working to buy an iPod touch, so I'll wait to september! :)
  • hopefully it will have a camera and a faster processer. it would be nice if the speaker was louder and the back would be similar to the iphone 3g or 3gs so it wont be prone to so many scratches. since memory seems to go up all the time, i doubt that there will be an 8gb ipod touch. maybe only a 16gb and 32gb, possibly a 64gb coming out in early 2010 as the 32gb came out in early 2008 for the 1st gen ipod touch. apple also always improves the battery on their products. also, flash support would be nice to have for safari.
  • Well as someone who doesnt own a touch but is considering it, the battery matter of not being able to change does have me woried, the live till dead apple ethos doesnt endear me to any of the ipods but tech is tech ($400 for 2 years of life does seem a little steep by any technophile, even xbox and ps3 gives better value then that)so do you recommend the wait till september?, or do you even recommend the touch given the battery situation and the competitors that do allow battery changes?
  • "What’s next for iPod classic? 240gb? Does anyone even have that much music/videos? I think it’s about time to phase it out."
    What will probably happen is they will switch over to the solid state drives and drop the hard drives on the iPod Classics. Now that the solid state drives are becoming evermore cheap to manufacture and larger in capacity, it would make logical sense for apple to take a stride in that direction.
  • "Does anyone even have that much music/videos?"
    P.S. Yes, I do have that many songs/videos. 37,512 songs. 1 video.
  • (160GB iPod Classic Black)
  • For a person who dosent own a touch. Is it worth it? And do u think its worth to wait until september
  • @Cam It would be worth the wait if just for the price drop on the 2nd gen if you don't need the latest version. (i.e. Camera, 64GB if you need it, faster proccessor, etc..)
  • Hey Guys, I have a question. My zune recently broke and I had a warranty for it so I will be getting my money back and I'm looking at the Ipod touch. I'm debating if I should wait to see if the 3rd generation comes out soon. What should I do? Get the Ipod touch 2nd Gen or wait for the 3rd?
  • If the Touch gets a camera, and some upgrades like in the 3G S, I'm going to be one hell of a happy person. I want a iPhone 3GS, but I'm stuck waiting till my contract expires (I own a shoddy LG Shine), but I think this new Touch will make me super happy.
    My only greatest wish is to give it a microphone. XD I saw the current Touch at the Apple Store having the Voice Memo app, but when you touch it, a popup appears saying "please connect microphone." Hey Apple, why just add the mic onto it, too? =D wishful thinking
  • i will be so happy and i might just buy me one! i hope the back cover changes from the chrome or metal that my 2g touch has because i have close to a million scratches and dents on the back
  • Their will oblivisly be a new itouch if apple wasent going to give the iPod touch a mic they wouldent have put voice memo on it
  • The ipod classic should be discontinued especially with the decline in sales. Drop the price and try to get as many out between now and Christmas and then end it. As for the 3rd Generation Touch, we need a camera that does video, a microphone for voice recording and voice recognition and definitely a 64gig model! Ipods have been out for a while and i now have a 42gig library thats still growing. Come on Apple, speed up! And drop the price, no one wants to pay $500 for anything right now. 64gig for $299 would have people lining up at the stores. But knowing apple, this new touch will come with a $399 price tag. Tisk tisk...
  • I have a iPod touch 1g I hate not being able to have some of the cool new stuff so that 10$ update was shit and apple should def make a 3rd g I would buy it in a second if It does go to 399 that's shit too 299 is high enough the econy is in the shitter apple you want your money we want our new touch's!!!!! ( please make em cheap)
  • Awwww I was going to get an ipod touch 2nd gen but I saw this I don't know what to do wait and possibly be dissapointed or get a 2nd gen and get mad because there is a better ipod touch.
  • Whoops I meant 3rd gen.
  • loads of rumours that it will come out in sept so im gonna wait a couple of months, there will defo be a 3rd gen but it could be in a year for all we know.
    any1 know the gap between the first gen and second gen cos the gap might be the same for the second gen and third gen
  • I think a new iPod touch generation would be great I would so upgrade. I have the first gen of the iPod touch and it's kinds getting old. I have taken it to the apple store at least five times for multiple problems and am on my third iPod touch. All the first gen.
  • must haves: camera, mic
    would be nice: gps, faster processor
  • I'm in the market for a touch. I think it's definitely worth the wait for the new generation. As mentioned earlier, it will make the current generation much cheaper if nothing else. My guess is that it will not have GPS (unless Tom Tom leans on Apple so they can sell more $10/mo apps), but it will have the 3GS-esque upgrades and possibly a camera.
    My concern is that they may release the ever-talked-about netbook-ish 9" touch screen thing. I wonder if they will release that and a beefed up iTouch at the same time.
  • For a couple of years now, Apple has been following the same pattern. First, they have the buy a macbook get a free ipod promotion (this year they are stressing the ipod touch). Second, they tend to have 2 major keynotes a year, one in February, and one in October. New iPod(s) definitely coming, and for what kind of upgrades, Apple tends to listen to the pundits, remember last year when the touch got speakers.
  • For everyone concerned about the touch, I have had the first generation for close to two years, and I have never had a problem with it.
  • I know for a fact that the iTouch 3rd gen will have a mic and a camera also it will be coming out some time in Sept. Cool new features will be added and I think it is definatly worth the wait to the new iPod touch.
  • I'm not sure wether to wait or get one now, I was one click away from pressing the order button in checkout and then I got confused when my friend called and told me a new one is coming out in two months. So now I really don't know what to do. 2g does everything I need, but a cam and mike would be awsome. What should I do?
  • Must Haves
    -64 gig hard drive
    - bumped processor ( like the iphone 3G[s] ) and RAM
    Icing on the Cake
    -Camera/Video Camera
    Not gonna happen
    - a Verizon 3G capability for 10 bucks a month
    - HD video out
  • Dyl, first of all, if the camera is a video camera too then it needs a mic to record sound! Apple is not going to make the ipod touch take video without sound. HD video out makes no sense, the camera won't be in HD considering they're ten dollars. And the ipod touch isn't a phone so 3G wouldn't make sense.
    My opinion is that they are going to have
    -the same camera the 3GS has, video and touch auto-focus
    -a microphone for both 1.sound on the video 2. download skype and make it a voip phone
    64 gb
    and a faster processor
    also the verizon mifi would be pretty cool with this, after it gets cheaper and it isnt as crappy.
    the prices ( i hope ) will be
    299- 32gb
    399- 64gb
    i would go for 32gb
  • why the fuck would u want it to have GPS u need wifi to access it and i dont think anyone needs the GPS to guide them around their house!!!!
  • i have the 1st gen, got it as soon as it came out, ive dropped it sooo many times that the metal casing is starting to slip off, and the metal edges have alot on dents and chips, and i still havent had any problems with it. but i think its time for an upgrade, i dont mind weather its got a camera or not i just need more memory and a faster processor :) oh and a new macbook.
  • does anyone wanna buy me one?
    i live in new zealand and the apple products are so expensive, the 32gb ipod touch 2nd gen costs areound $600-$700 thats about the price of those small little asus netbooks.
    The iphone costs $999.99, without contract.
    aw you guys have it soo easy :) lmao
  • i have beee really wanting an itouch and now since my birthday is in november i know what to ask for :)
  • um... not saying i'm not excited because i am but won't they just come up w/ a new ipod touch after this one... then everyone will want thta one
  • *that
  • I think that the 3rd gen will have a mic, camera, faster processor, and things like that, but there are some other things to compliment those features that would be nice to have:
    -Video-chat enabled
    -Full bluetooth capabilities (such as file-transfer and headsets, etc....)
    -CoverFlow for apps (Turn itouch sideays on homescreen to scroll through apps)
    - A GPS chip to enable GPS without WiFi
    -Wireless Sync
    - Louder, Clearer speakers
    -Video-out capability (3.0firmware doesnt work with this)
    I dontknow the likelyhood they will include these, but i think it'll be worth the wait.
  • Bane & Dom:
    Are you worrying about that little price???
    You should seriously try to live in Denmark. i spent 450$ on the 1g touch 16 gb.. and that was sale..
  • to tell the truth i think if they were to make a new ipod it will be expensive i hope they make a 8gb because the rest of the ipods like the 16gb or 32gb will be very expensive i hope it come out in september before christmas because i was just looking forward into getting a 2nd generation 8gb.
  • do any one think its gonna come out like later then christmas? i hope not.
  • I think that a camera would be nice and bluetooth profiles of all kinds and a flash also a faster processor,video recorder,microphone,and can support a GPS that doesn't use Wi-Fi and a mobile tv application pre-loaded
  • ipods suck
  • to vagina if you think ipods suck then why bother looking this up?
  • My cuz works for apple and he told me that the next itouch is set to come out near the end of October nd it'll hav better battery life a faster processor a camera nd mic plus it'll be available in different colors nd the ppl working on it r trying 2 fit in a cam on the front for video chat over wifi...but honestly there's gonna b a lot more nd iv probly already given away 2 much...hope this answered some of ur questions!!!
  • O...nd one more thing I guess I can giv away the screen is probly gonna b about a fourth or a half an inch bigger
  • I too have a 1g touch and want an upgrade. Fortunately I learned about the September refresh and got interested. Camera on touch and nano has been confirmed as for mic most likely but when the jailbreak comes out for it a phone app would be released almost killing the iPhone line. As for specifications, they will actually be upgraded we will see 256mb of ram(yes! No more winterboard ram usage problems) as the 3gs saw and the processor will hit 833mhz bus speed. It is the same processor as the iPhone only with a greater potential. Apple lowered the frequency ofthe 3gs as too save battery life. As for memory 16gb will most likely take over 8gb price @ about 230 and the 32gb the 16gb price @ 300 and soon. Overall if you have a choice for the 2nd hen or the the third because the funnest ipod ever is about to get even funner.
    Camera= true( cases being made have ben seen with camera hole)
    Enhanced specs= true
  • Oh, I hope it's being tested now. I'm leaning on the hope it'll be released sometime in September, it'd be a perfect! I just hope it turns out as good though, what with all these articles are hyping it up to be. I'm crossing my fingers. I expect a 16gb iPod Touch 3rd Gen to be in my hands soon. aaah!
  • Blake (2) How do you know so much about the 3rd generation ipod touch... do you really know it will come in colors?
  • please add backgrounds for homescrean ect
  • much longer battery as well
  • lose the wires.
    everything shud be blue-tooth or wifi connected. even the sound output shud be blue tooth. (w/external bluetooth headsets ofcourse.
  • Yea I seen the new cases for touch and nano and they both have camera holes. I hope apple announces a release date before sep 18.I have a 2g and love it beyond belief. Battery is awesome, there are some awesome games and homebrew apps for it too! If it will be release any time before oct I'm gonna take my 2g back and use the money for 3rd gen! Ever since I got this thing the only time I go on my computer is to download music and movies, all my social sites, bill paying and YouTube browsing I just do on my iPod. I don't know why people hate on mac, I got a friend who is anti mac who can't put my iPod down when ever he comes over and now no longer reluctant to go with me into the mac store :)
  • Just to clear out things 4 the iPod touch 3g. Yes there will be a mic and cam/ video.
    No the itouch won't be in different colors.
    Voice command just like iPhone 3gs.
    No flash support.
    Vibration (maybe)
    No 8gb iPod touch 3g
    Only 16gb $230, 32gb $300, and 64gb $400
    Faster like 3gs
    Batter iproved for about an hour(s) depending what your using like wifi, video, ect....
    Gps (not sure but would like it)
  • Just to clear out things 4 the iPod touch 3g. Yes there will be a mic and cam/ video.
    No the itouch won't be in different colors.
    Voice command just like iPhone 3gs.
    No flash support.
    Vibration (maybe)
    No 8gb iPod touch 3g
    Only 16gb $230, 32gb $300, and 64gb $400
    Faster like 3gs
    Batter iproved for about an hour(s) depending what your using like wifi, video, ect....
    Gps (not sure but would like it)
    Better wifi range (probably)
  • Actually Blake he showed me the iPod touch he was testing fr apple nd it was probly not the final one but it had all the upgrades I listed plus some...nd even w/ the bigger screen it still had better battery life
  • Sorry that my typing was crapy, btw I am using an iPod to type.
  • I...the iPod I used was 64gb nd it has definately ben confirmed that that the 3g iPod touch will b available in 64gb
  • so is it worth the wait at this point? im also looking to buy and ive got enough saved for a 16gb 2g touch, but reading this makes me wonder if i should just wait it out for another month...what do you guys suggest?
  • All we can do is hope. Since apple prob won't tell us anything until mid august, don't waste your time reading rumors.
  • Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll wait till mid-august to hear about this new 3G ipod touch and if I don't then I'll go and buy the 2g...once again thanks.
  • Blake(2)--yes there was 802.11n on the one I used...but like I said it wasn't the exact iPod that will b released in September...nd I think he said there was about 1/4 extra battery life...also the one I used was black in the front just like the first 2 but it had a dark red backing
  • O...nd ther was no wifi antenna on the one I used cuz the camera was
    Where it would've ben
  • I finally got the date confirmed...we will hav the 3rd gen. iPod touch in our hands on September 25!!!!!
  • I hav recieved 23 messages in the the past 3 hours reguarding confirmations of features on the new iPod nd one of them that stuck out was the option of a $5-$10 Internet package provided by the edge network paid monthly from the iTunes store nd w/ this will b gps!!
  • Type In "when will the iPod touch 3rd generation be released" on google image search nd look for a pic of the iPod touch 3rd gen. On the third line down... The of I'm talking about will blow ur mind be iv ben assured by a reliable source that it's real
  • Aaron, you just said that you have recieved 23 messages in the past 3 hours regaurding confimrations of the features... can you let us know what all of the new features will be? And how do you know all of this for sure?
  • no I can't let u no bcuz most of it isconfidential straight from apple nd I no them for sure bcuz they're straight from apple ndmost of them hav ben correct in the past
  • i think the new touch will be the same price as the 2g, look at the new iphone, the 3gs is same price as the old 3g. 3 things that'll make me really happy on the new touch are a camera, mic, and a faster procesor
  • all this is extremely interesting! You all: hope your command of the English language and its spelling is not an indikation of your knowledge about iPod Touch technology :-)
  • Thanks Aaron! Yep I spotted the pic. I'm both happy and disappointed though. Obviously I'm happy because we're getting close to actually having the Touch come with the camera feature, yet, I'm disappointed too. Disappointed with the camera hole placement. On the 3GS, the camera hole was neatly placed on the corner and the circle a nice, small size. Yet this stock pic had the hole so huge and smack dab in the center of the device. If this picture is correct, then I hope Apple fixes that. It looks somewhat ugly and distracting.
    But despite that, I cannot wait for some more info. Keep it up guys! I'm super excited for September!! ONE MORE MONTH!
  • i prefer gps for the new ipod touch.. not a camera!
  • Stupid question, but do you know where on the 3G iPod can I add the engraving? Since the cam is confirmed to be in the middle of the iPod, I wonder where the engraving will be added. I plan on doing this when it releases. I'm assuming somewhere on the bottom of the device? Underneath the "iPod" logo? >>; Just curious. :p
  • Seiya--the camera is supposed 2 b right atthe top so there'll b room under it for engraving
  • i think they should make the ipod classic cheaper than the classic, i don't know any one who has a classic maybe more ppl would start buying classic's if they did
  • Thanks Aaron! I figured it would be right below the camera hole. No worries, though.
  • I would like...
    a] camera
    b] microphone
    c] video
    d] colors, althought it's not going to happen..
    e] better battery life. :]
    f] Flash capability
    g] 16GB to replace 8GB
    h] radio that you don't need a wifi app for!!!!
    i] ability to delete pictures on device, not just in iTunes
    j] Ability to mess with Treble & Bass amounts/balance
  • A, B, and C are confirmed, Liv! :D Thank goodness. I too, would DIE for a white iTouch, but wishful thinking unfortunately. ITA with you on better battery life. But knowing Apple, I'm sure they'll do just fine.
    No Flash unfortunately. Might happen in a later update. And yes, 16GB will most definitely replace the 8gb, no worries there.
    Yeah I didn't like that I couldnt delete pictures straight from the device, I wish it would work the same way with apps you download in iTunes. Just press and hold and then the little red "x" appears. Something like that.
    I think this Touch is turning out to be quite amazing! Aaah!
  • Oh yea, I recommend you read up on some of the comments here, at least up to number 74 down. A lot of the users have already posted some awesome news on it so far.
  • i hope the ipod touch third generation will be a low price does anyone now how much it will be?????
  • i love apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ^ It'll be around $295-$400, depending on the gigs. You should read comment 75, the user has posted the official prices.
  • Im with jessi apple should come out with a new iPod touch with a camera, because I already have a phone and don't really want to get the iPhone. And putting a camera on the new iPod touch would probably bring more sales because it would be like the iPhone without the phone, which is what I want.
  • Hey guys,
    It's my birthday tomorrow and i'll probably get enough birthday money + saved money to afford an Itouch.
    According to these posts, i should wait only another month until the third generation?
    Confirmed? and for Australia?
  • I was anti-apple ( for a LONG time due to their control-freak nature and yes, the battery issue.
    However the wi-fi/net access has swayed me, as well as all the neat apps, being able to ( I assume) synch my gmail/calender) and from some rumours, even use it as a skype phone. But being able to check email on the go @ hot spots WITHOUT being ripped off by insanely ridiculous phone dataplanes (CND..) Yes Sir! I CAN'T WAIT! I figure by the time the battery is dead, the warranty will be voided, so I"ll just buy a new battery online somewheres and crack it myself.
  • Remember, if Apple ads all these options that everyone is talking about (huge memory, great camera, microphone)then the price for iPod will go WAY up. Besides, Apple isn´t trying to pull it´s iPhone customers to the iPod Touch.
  • Hey - this is all really interesting. I'm sure a 3rd gen will be out soon enough. I think they'll have to be vamping up the iphone a bit at the same time to not piss off all those customers!
    I got a good camera so I don't think I'll wait for a 3rd gen.
    On a sideline - anyone know where I can get a 2nd gen 8GB itouch in Singapore for less than S$388? Second hand would be cool. Only here for 3 days so can't buy online! Would have got a refurb but realised it's 1st gen.
    Got money burning a hole in my pocket! Dunno if I can wait!
  • looking back at that post - wow that sounds desperate! I've got the itch!
  • Camera, microphone, GPS, much longer battery life, faster processor, and some more memory is all I need for the next iPod touch, that's all I ask. Make it happen plz
  • Well i've got about $450 sitting in my pocket, now wait till September for 3rd Gen? I CANT WAIT :(
  • Cant wait for 3rd gen! difference between 1st gen and 2nd gen was huge, so im waitin to see this release!!
  • Why taking this 14 year old child's stories to be true? He doesn't know anything yet he speaks as if his word is fact. Do not listen to this little boy.
  • Omg I hope one comes out. I don't wanna buy a 2nd G and then one comes out. I'll just have to wait my Ipod vid (the big bulky one) is startin to vibrate and i dont think its supposed to.
  • My guess: Ipod touch 3rd GEN comes out second week of September. It will for sure have a mic. A possibility: It will have camera.
  • Yeah totally Steve. I don't know how Aaron and Blake and that other guy with the long name got their sources, when they can't even type correctly. And it's not that hard to type on an iPod lol. I'm going to wait until like, Apple like, tells us the proof.
  • Oh wait, I didn't even read them. LOL!
  • does anybody know the uk release date and or price?
  • So far, the rumors and "evidence" almost completely confirm the new itouch will be getting a camera and possibly a mic. Anything else new is mostly spectulative though 64gb seems likely. Things like a GPS are just complete rumor and probably false.
  • Everyone, just wait until later this month for official news. For now everything that's been spilling the comments form are all mostly speculation/rumors/guesses until Apple releases official info. And since September is so close, we should expect news to come out any time now.
  • I said...executives of apple hav ben quoted saying that the new iPod touch will b released on September 25 and the keynote address discussing the new iPods is still being scheduled
  • I hope there is a video out available for apps and not just videos, as it is now.
    That would enable big screen experience for gaming, imagine that!
  • @Aaron
    do you have the pricing info?
  • Blake(2):tell us more confidential stuff about apples plans they wont bust u 4 it
  • Dreezy305--I only got the info for the new nano...I wasn't able 2 get the pricing for the touch...elvyelvy319--I'm an intern at apple nd I would get busted nd fired if I shared nething confidential
  • @Aaron:Are u really sure the 3g will come out September 25th? bc i added 9 and 7 (the days both generations came out)and i got 8 so it will probably come out that day right?
  • @Aaron:ijust bought a ipod touch 3g case and it has the camera hole at the top middle when you tested the 3g did it have the camera in the middle
  • Whatever it is, I'm hoping it'd be around mid-September at most. It'd be perfect. But I agree with Blake, I would avoid spilling out guesses on release dates just so people who are anxious for it (like me) get all hyped up for nothing. But still, this is too good to be true. I really can't wait for it.
  • Well the date was set last year but it may change bcuz production is ahead of schedule nd the first set of shipments of touches is already boxed nd ready 2 b shipped
  • And next week I should b able 2 post more feature confirmations cuz I get my new touch next week sometime nd wen they start releasing the first ones they allow us 2 post more confirmations
  • Will the 3rd gen touch be a little heavier?
  • I don't no...I only hav a couple of the stats for it
  • It looks larger in the picture
  • Hi i cant wait for the new touch i use my second gen all the time. I cant afford to get an iphone coz i am only 12 but it would be better if the 3rd gen had 3g internet. :)
  • I don't believe this Aaron guy. I read all his comments and I just think he's typing it up.
  • I was getting ready to buy a 2nd generation but was looking around the internet for some posting exactly like this and voila!
    I think I believe these two guys but I just hope they release it around Sep 8 or 9 coz my SF Muni bus rides will be so much more smoother. Sep 25 is a bit later than I want to wait but I suppose I could bite the bullet.
    All the features are great and if they add a GPS chip, it would be an amazing deal for $200 - $300 (I would get 16 GB, I think). Video Conferencing, Oooh lala and Skypeing on the touch is mouth watering too.
    One thing I want is some excellent productivity apps on the App Store. I have been researching some and I know what I will get but I want more (maybe something geared towards nerdy ppl aka me hehe)
    Can't wait for the shizzle.
  • I agree with Coy. I'm not saying that Aaron is lying to us, but I just don't think that the information he's giving us is accurate or reliable. First, he said that his "cuz" meaning cousin, I'm guessing, is working for Apple (comment #57). Then in comment 143, he said he was an intern for Apple. Get your facts straight.
    As for Blake(2), I'm happy that you're researching for us and getting information, but the only "facts" he's been getting, are from the internet.
    So bottom line, this thread or post, whatever you want to call it, isn't very reliable.
  • i just got really hush hush news, and it gives most of the complete details of the iPod touch 3rd gen will have a camera comparible to the iPhone 3G not the 3GS no video camera,it will come in 16GB/$214.99, 32GB/$299.99, and 64GB/$399.99
    Thanks guys
  • Stop spilling nonsense and rumors into this post, please. August ends in another 3 weeks so Apple SHOULD be filling us on information by then, hopefully. I'm not keeping my hopes up until at least early September. And I don't trust Aaron/Blake, etc. either. As for the pricing, first Aaron/Blake gave us the price that the 16gb is $300, and now this Jeremy is saying the 16gb is $214? Lies.
  • I haven't given ne false info and I never once talked about the price...nd my cousin nd I bothe work for apple but I'm an intern and he's a tech analyst fr iPods...also the prices given by jeremy r correct nd I am allowed 2 share all of the stuff I no about the iPod touch 3rd gen now...but im gonna say screw it cuz if no1 believes the info I'm giving then This is my last post
  • The ipod touch 3rd gen is going to have a camera and mic definitely.
  • why is everybody doubting blake and aaron so much he has more info than u and the info he told us is actually true
  • blake do you think the 3g will be released around september 8?
  • Great! I can't wait for more info. The earlier the ipod releases the better.
  • Thanks for all the great info. The more I read, the more excited I get. The only thing I heard, which I am hoping is not true, it that the touch may come out in a 9" screen. I really hope this does not happen since it will decrease its portability. Anyone know anything about that?
  • The 9" screen will be the smallest of the mac touch will not be marketed as part of the iPod I was told by my boss that the iPod touch's camera will hav video capabilities so don't giv up hope.just yet
  • Well i really want the ipod touch soon but if the rumors about the 3rd gen being 64gb with extra feautures for only $400 eqaulling £200 wud be good
  • If you guys are wondering why the new touch will be soo cheap for a 16 gig, that's because the camera and the pics/vids will take up a lot of room
  • Oh, then I heard wrong. Srry
  • What new features will the new Ipod Nano have?
    I have heard rumours that there will be a camera on it.
  • It's going to be soo coool.I hope it comes in September.
  • So the ipod touch 64gb will definetly be $400 so meaning £200
  • yes Ashley it will b 400 dollars but it will most likely cost more than 200£
  • Ugh I mean £200
  • Exactly what date will the new touch be out? Sept 8? My dad said that he would buy me the new one if he can have my old one:)
  • thats alright ill start my paper round and start saving or just get it for christmas lol
  • when will apple release the actual date?
  • Sounds good, I can't wait:)
  • If the 3rd gen ipod gets a camera and mic, will it basically be the same size as the iphone?
  • I seriously cannot wait. Just a few more weeks. Will Apple do preorders for the iPod like they did with the iPhone 3GS? or are they letting customers walk right in and buy it on release day? Just curious.
  • September 1st? For the new iPod touch?
  • are u sure the 3g wont have video recording
  • the only reason they added voice memos 2 the ipod touch was people 2 buy the headphones with remote and mic
  • i think since the
    keynotes r always on tuesdays in September its gonna be released the 8th
  • I'm also getting the engraving too! Thanks for the info. Are you sure it's Sept 1st? That's far too soon! the 8th would be perfect. Nooo!
  • i really want an ipod touch 3G. and i think the release date is the 12 of september (i hope so)
  • ^ Doubt it. I rather wait until I hear official sources.
  • def the 2nd week of sept. it will be announced.
  • Thanks Blake! I'm glad it's still coming out on the 8th. Will give me more time to save. :D Keep up the good work on the info!
  • It was just anouced the the new sony ps3 will go on sale september 1st, what does that mean for the 3rd gen ipod?
  • (Correction), It was just annouced that the new sony ps3 will go on sale september 1st, what does that mean for the 3rd gen ipod?
  • The new ps3 slim, with 120gb hard drive and cheaper price.
  • Eee, yeah. What Blake said. It's obvious. You really can't compare the two devices. I think both of them will do fine once they are released to the public. XD
  • I really think that the Zune HD will be a big contender for the ipod touch 3g. I am definitely saving up for the new ipod, but the new Zune might cripple Apple.
  • BTW I just read that the official release date for the ipod 3g is sept. 9th.
  • has anyone noticed how some stores have started to lower prices on ipod touches? Currently, walmart is selling 2nd gen 32 gb. models with a bundle deal for $362! That's with cashback from
  • where did you read that?
  • Just got my new ipod touch 3g nd I gotta say it's frickin sweet!!!
  • 9/9/09
  • @ Aaron
    how did you get it?
    Tell me more about it!!
  • Aaron, please fill us in on your thoughts on it. I'm totally excited for it.
  • err, let me reword that:
    Please tell us your thoughts on it!! Like, hands-on impressions?
  • YA AARON! Can you show us like a picture of it? WE ALL WANNA SEE IT. And since you already gave us ALL the info on the iPod touch, just show us the photo!
  • so what exactly are all of the features in the new ipod touch 3g?
  • @seiya: Really doubt so. Cuz for every year, i dont see anyone i know who got the Education/College discount have the new version when they got it on the very last day :/. And if getting the 3G ipod touch is possible, that will be very unfair. Haha.
    @Aaron: We really wanna know it. :P. Does it have almost the same processor, ram, camera, video capabilities and microphone as the 3GS? Is the screen slightly larger and are they selling the ipod touch with 64GB? :P. I dont need a photo, i can imagine that its gonna look good if most of the requests i wanted from above is in the 3rd Gen iPod Touch. :)
  • 5 megapixels??? WTF!!! That will envy alot of iPhone users. Haha. But i got 9 month old 8 Megapixel Samsung Pixon anyway. XD. But my ipod is impt cuz of apps, wi-fi and Apple Lossless Music (with my Sennheiser IE8 with a $600 Amplifier for Audiophile goodness. That why i cant use an iphone, too inconvenient to have one cuz of the amp :P).
  • Sources i saw from about the possible 5 megapixel camera Apple is bringing in. QUOTE: "Incorporating OmniVision’s proprietary 1.75 micron OmniPixel3-HS™ architecture, the OV5630 delivers best-in-class low-light performance, enabling a new generation of high-performance camera phones that deliver top quality digital photography and video in a small form factor.
    The OV5630 uses OmniPixel3-HS technology, enabling unparalleled low-light image capture with low-light sensitivity of 960mV/(Lux-sec). The sensor supports automatic exposure control, gain control, white balance, 50/60 Hz luminance detection and black level calibration.
    The OV5630 can output data in full 5 Megapixel resolution at 15 frames per second (fps) and record 720p high definition (HD) video at 60 fps or 1080p at 30 fps. For the data transfer of image data, the sensor is outfitted with a two-lane, high-speed MIPI interface. This enables mobile phone makers to use the OV5630’s parallel interface as input for a secondary camera while alternately providing output via the MIPI interface."
    If that is true, im gonna geez into my pants.
  • how much will the third gen be in the uk i want to know because im thinking of buying one but im not sure
  • £246
  • will it have any options for the internet like a 3g type that i can have access to internet where there is no wifi?
  • So it will have video recording?
  • i cant believe how much the new i touch is going to coast
  • i dont believe the price
  • Yeah it's too good to be true. Esp with the 16gb being $230? That's insane!
  • I believe is from more or less a reliable source. Since those things he predicted from the iPhone 3GS were correct. Anyway Link: . Don't flame me if its false. I will apologize for any false info. :P
  • Does anyone know about the colors as long as its not chrome I'm happy caus it looks abused after a month of use!
  • EDIT: It's this.
  • ok. nvm, for some reason, the comment doesnt key in the "_"... Just go google and just click type "5 megapixel iPod" and find the link with the title "iPod Camera Computer in the Works?".
  • I am so stoked for the new iPod. I hope it will have wireless cellular Internet. That would be sick!!!
  • com on aaron alot of us wana c it u no make us hapi at least we no how perfect it wil luk
  • Wonder if we will be able to send and receive pics!!!that would be sweet!!
  • Sweet! Thanks BlueSwift! I noticed the prices too, I'm assuming these prices are official, though. Sounds legit enough! (16/32/64GB coming in at the $199/$299/$399 price points). That is absolutely perfect! I cannot wait.
  • @seiya: Haha. I hope its true too! :) And what's even better is that if this all comes out before Zune HD is released (which will probably is), it's really gonna ruin and spoil microsoft (Too bad for them to release the details of the Zune HD so early before the they can be sold in the shops :/).
  • Ok i have a problem. i lost my ipod touch first gen over summer and planning to buy the third gen soon. if i get a new ipod will i be able to put my old songs from itunes on it. if so, how? do i only have to sync it? help would be appreciated.
  • Do you have all your music in the library, or just on your old iPods library?
  • Im looking forward to the new iTouch
    but i dont see why some companies make skins for iTouch because they know that rumors will come
    and if no new itouch comes , the skins that they have made goes right to the trash. WASTE OF MONEY!!!
  • Yea, let's just hope that doesn't happen, because I WANT THE NEW TOUCH!!
  • I like all the rumors
  • a plastic back would be nice too(like the iphone 3g). the metal case back on the itouch 2nd generation gets too many scratchs. the plastic backs only get fingerprints
  • Yea, or the metal back like the chromatics
  • Wow I can't wait for this to come out I need it so I can replace my ipt1g 8gig
  • The camera is amazing...more to come!
  • Just curious, when is the earliest date we can expect the ipod touch 3rd gen to reach the shelves or online store after the announcement is made on 090909?
  • I'm a big iPod touch fan I'm using mine right know but I'm just wondering if all this is true ( the rumors ) then that would mean the iPhone sells would go down n AT&T would get tick off n if anyone got pic of the new iPod post them that'll be hot n does the iPod really records or that's just false
  • I'm a big iPod touch fan I'm using mine right know but I'm just wondering if all this is true ( the rumors ) then that would mean the iPhone sells would go down n AT&T would get tick off n if anyone got pic of the new iPod post them that'll be hot n does the iPod really records Videos or that's just false
  • @Bob: Yeah. It's a good marketing tactic since alot of iPhones has been sold and upgrading the iPod Touch will make sales even higher. And not only that, other countries that doesnt have a telephone company selling iPhones can buy the iPod touch, thus, boosting sales as well.
    But the iPhone is trying to be in the business sector from the way i see it (correct me if im wrong :) ). While iPod Touch is trying to be like an all-in-one entertainment device. :P
  • That is a good question that Jeol brought up: when will the new ipod hit the shelves and online stores after it is announced on sept. 9th?!?!
  • Wow, that is a good question. I always have been thinking that it will be on shelves in stores and online, on the ninth
  • Aaron, can you PLEASE show us a picture of the new iPod touch? Ever since you got it, you haven't been updating us on ANYTHING. PLEASE, I just wanna know more about it =(
  • Same, I bet he doesn't have it
  • Why do you believe it will be on the second?
  • @Devin: Do you notice that most, in fact almost all Apple Keynotes are on a wednesday? :P. Except the september keynote last year was on a tuesday. If it isn't on the second, then its on the 9th. Really doubt they will delay it further. Cuz Zune HD is coming in and they really dont wanna loose out to them in the first few weeks of Zune sales.
  • someone tell me the price and release date.
    and i don't beleive arron if he had the ipod he would already pics of info abuot. i think he jast playin around.
  • post pics and infp about it.
    fixin mistake.
  • Yah I don't know why Aaron won't bother wig pics either. I would love to see what it looks like. I think I will just wait until I hear official news from apple and not keep my hope up with these people
  • correction: With the pics either*
  • get of aaron's back he's probably off his computer like he was b4
  • Arron, is the back the same as the 2g? I hope not, I hate how it gets so scratched so soon
  • guys, take a chill pill. I am not on the internet all the time as you would like to believe. Pictures aside, here are the official prices 199, 299, 399 for 16, 32, and 64 gigs.
  • Thanks for the update on the prices.And sorry for everyone calling you a liar when your really not!!
  • just kidding guys, i don't know what i am talking aboot.
  • correction: some people not everyone!!!
  • i knew ur ass was lyin aaron.
    don't believe wat this guy says.he don't even work 4 apple.
  • Aww!! You suck you had everyone excited I take what I said back lol!! Wait do you even work for apple just wonderin you did say you don't know what your talking about?
  • aaahh, I knew that guy was a faker, just like I said.
  • Guys, srsly, stop believing everything you read online. Just wait till Sept. 9th when it comes is only like less than 3 weeks away. And Blake can suck it!!
  • Ouchh that was uncalled for!!!
  • Oh. Then how about the camera? 5 or 3.2? Is there a video recording capabilities? :P
  • How do we know that this isnt really Aaron? It could be some creep using Aarons name. Look at the grammar. Aaron always uses good typing skills two of this so called Aarons post didnt use capital letters.
  • Hi. My name is Aaron the Second. I work as an intern for Apple. My dad is Steve Jobs. So I know absolutely everything about the iPod touch 3rd gen. YOu won't believe (you know what they say about things being to good to be true) all the stuff I will tell you about the new iPod touch. For starters it has a 250 mp video camera, GPS, free 3g, mic, and even better, it has phone system in it!!! Wow they want to really tick AT&T off. Oh and for all the nonbelievers!! Shun and suck it.
    Anyone could post and say there Aaron.
  • Yeah, Alex has a point anyone could post bad stuuf about Aaron and his info.
  • See I am Devin. It is easy to frame people because right now it looks like its Aaron but it is really Devin.
  • Guess who it is now? Aaron or Devin?
  • Hey i'm Aaron!
  • Ok im so confused this is the real Devin somebody has been sayin crab that I did not say and now im so lost and that aaron kid if its really him is a dick sorry if it was really not him but anyway this was once a good blog to read and see if there were any new updates but now I can't believe anything anyone says so that really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ok guys, time to get out of this site for good. we cant keep expecting these people to be posting false info. You are going to have to wait until the REAL PEOPLE (aka Apple) to announce the confirmed rumours, stop believing these liars.
  • HAHAHA wowwwww y'all are losers. Just WAIT till the damn thing comes out or w.e.
  • While I enjoy my iPod Touch 3rd generation, you guys take a chill pill and just wait till Sept. 9th. While you guys wait go see District 9! It's an amazing movie.
  • So the exact date for the touch to be released is the 9th of September? i just wanted to make sure cos im waiting for it...
    would it be much better then the 2nd generation touch? because if it isnt i would just get the old one. Does anyone know the price?
    Thanks :)
  • What i really want in the "ultimate" ipod touch is (besides a good camera) the 3G modem. Hence, i can just buy a prepaid 3G sim card and be online on the go
  • hey guys i have been coming to this website for 2 weeks to read the posts and even though they may be false, i feel better for some reason. my question is, once the new touches com out, would it make a difference if i buy it September or February? because for some reason i think that after the first wave of touches come out and apple gets consumer feedback, they improve the system for later produced touches? Second question. is it possible that after the first wave, they figure a way to make the production cost cheaper by using cheaper parts OR they find a to make it better for the same price? thanks for answering my 2 separate questions. much appreciated.
  • Is their anwayway we can start over without any Aarons ta screw things up because we still have people who have good questions so if we could start over without any liars that would be awsome!!! or we could take a pole yes or no and if you don't say anything then your gay!!!!!
  • @Airon:
    1. Yes they may update it, but that will be another 5-6months time (January, February). Might as well wait another 6 more months to get the 4th Gen iPod Touch. That's my thinking. If its new, and it seems to be good, just get it. Cuz i dont think Apple products are screwed up when they were new (Most of them usually get good reviews) and if they want to make inprovements on it, they will put it on their next generation of iPods, not the current one.
    It's different from the MacBooks which they will update it as soon as they can. Reason being is that they do not change the MacBooks every year. It is usually 2-3 years before they change the whole range of MacBooks. That is why they will update it as soon as they can. :P I haven't seen any iPod Touches drop in price for the last 2 years. They have always been fixed until the new generation of iPod Touches come in, which they will sell it cheaper as refurbished.
  • Erm... I think there is the bug in the comment box. The last one is question 2 (Which i did put it, no idea y they changed it to question 1).
  • This is the real Aaron and my last post was on august 19 at 6:30...just 2 be completely clear that was the last time I posted anything!!! And whoever is saying they're me is a frickin douche so don't believe them
  • I really whant to believe it is you but I mean you have to admit it is kinda hard right now but if it is you then could you PLEASE give us some info or a picture because that is the only way we can trust you again!!!
  • Y would I do that ... No one in here ever trusted me...but this is the last post il don't believe any future posts from anyone named Aaron
  • With the Zune HD coming out Sept 15 the 3rd generaion should be out soon.
  • I hope so the sooner the better.
  • OK guys. I been reading all the comments so far and -not be rude- but if people say to have the iPod then give proof! Don't just hit and run.
    *Sory for my english.
  • I agree with Marc.
    And try Aaron, just be honest and tell us whats the specs if u truly work at apple. If you dont say it, how will we believe you? And not only that, to the rest of the ppl, pls dont pose as Aaron. We all wanna know wat is the specs of the iPod touch. Dont be childish and use the Aaron name and make something up.
  • I am waiting for ipod touch 3rd for months...
    some new function? e.g. camera? 3G modem? GPS?
    sorry for my poor English
  • Yeah I am wondering too--- 3g modem? GPS? I know, I know we are just impatient f@gs who have no lives and just speculate the shet out of this.
  • i jast saw the new ipod touch. my friend works at apple store.and they sent one to his store for testing.i got a pic of it, but i don't if i should post it.i can describe it though.just ask me a question?
  • ok i jast got a new info.the new ipod will be interduced the second week of september.but it will not go on sale till late after christmas.but pics will be available.i got u believin wat am jast playin i don't know when it will come out.i jast hope it will come out before school i have time to put songs on it.
  • jonathan can you show us a picture oc the back or front it saves us time. If u cant then i have a question. Does the ipod touch have a camera and video capabilities.
  • Jonthan DOES IT HAVE A CAMERA and what color was it in the picture please answer my question asap that would be great and please don't lie to me!!!
  • yeah,jonthan don't lie please.just tell me how it looks?does it have camera and mic?
  • If everyone just believed Aaron we would have seen the pictures front and back known the features the release date if apple will release another ipod touch 3rd gen to fix any complications and we would have been able to put our mines at rest........
  • Okay, so now everyone knows that Aaron is not reliable, so we don't believe him. Now a Jonathon comes by, and Elvyelvy319, and Devin are being gullible AGAIN. And does anyone not see in comment 316 and 317, these TWO people used "jast" as "just", AND after the periods, "both" people don't leave a spaces, AND the comments are posted ALMOST right after the other? People don't believe in everything you read or see. Think for yourself.
  • My mistake, Jonthan*
  • OH AND REALIZE THIS. Elvyelvy319 and Devin both made the same mistake I did. We thought it was JonAthon. BUT, ginger is the ONLY one who said JONTHON. NO "A" IN THE NAME.
  • My mistake again, Devin did NOT make the same mistake. But his way of typing is STILL different from Jonthan AND ginger.
  • this is the answer to elvyelvy319 q.
    yes it has camera but i can't tell if it can record, because my friend never let me turn on the ipod, i only had a chance to see how it looks.
    to all the people that think am lynig, don't even bother to read my post please.just go ahead and do wat ever u want.
  • Man guys seriously, this is getting old and nobody is reliable. Just be a little patient and wait 'till Apple releases the ipod 3g on (hopefully) sept. 9th.
  • On a full battery charge, how long would a Touch last for nonstop reading?
  • Thanks Jonthan but I still would like to know what color it is.
  • Thanks for the info Jonathan. That was really helpful! Sorry guys, I am so gullible and will pretty much believe anything I read on the internet. Oh well, sucks to be me.
  • haha, you are funny Devin! sorry, i don't think i am at liberty to disclose any more info. just suck it up and wait till it comes out.
  • you stupid people I was trying to trick this guy who is lying about how he knows what it looks like into making him look a total ediet and you screwed it all up and if you think I was stupid enough to believe him think again!!!!
  • ay sucker u guys need to get a life. i was tryin 2 see how u guys would react. mann, just wait till it comes out. and stop believeing wat all the bloggers say.why is it so hard to wait 3 more weeks.
  • I am planning to get an ipod touch 1 month after its release so that i can get a newer improved screen protector and case made solely for the 3rd gen. I hear many people use soap to apply the screen protector to avoid bubbles and i am wondering if there is one made to be just as good without the soap?
  • Also, since there will be a mic on the touch, shazam will be very handy but do you need to be connected to wifi in order for it to work?
  • Wow, Another Swift! Haha.
    Anyways, @ AironSwift: Hmm.... Actually, is there a need for a screen protector? Haha. Cuz my 1st Gen iPod Touch doesnt have a screen protector, and after 2 years, there wasnt even a single scratch. I tried to use a pen knife at the side of the iPod, and it juz slid through without a scratch line. Unless you are getting the protector that helps prevent the finger prints, then that is a different case. :).
    Sigh..... I really still dont get people who try to fake things out. If you know it, just say it. We juz wanna know wat camera, and how it looks like. That's all. And no one will seriously gain anythin if you make stuff up. Just tell us honestly IF you have seen it/ tried it. Dont need photos. Just plain descriptions will do. thanks! :)
  • I wanna be a swift aswell :)
  • snow leopard has been announced in to see it you have to go to the website Does that mean the ipod touch 3g will be announced soon?
  • people who said their friends that work in apple let them try the itouch 3g is lying because the workers dont get told anything
  • Im guessing by the first week of spetember. :P
  • no rly, my frnd who wrks @ apple showed me the itouch 3gs, no kiddin
  • oh, boy...sigh
  • Aaron that was not me I've been gone he impersontaed my name.
  • Ok stop with impersonating names this is bs in fact it's gotten to a point where I'm leaving this is my last post I am just going to wait to the ninth as everyone else is doing.
  • I think ill do the same
  • you do know on the 9th this site will be over run with either dissapointed customers or exstatic customers
  • Well, having had a look at all your comments, i can see several things which are possibly going to happen.
    1. Mike, definitely. iPod touch has voice memos, but as it is an app to record stuff, you need to be pretty darn stupid to not realize that you need a mike for it.
    2. 64GB model, scrap 8GB. Cast your minds back to Jan 2007, when Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone would come in 4GB and 8GB models. Then in september 2007, Steve said that Apple would not be selling the 8GB model, and made a 16GB model instead. Apple LOVES to do this with it's product lines.
    3. Faster. Oh yeah, this is going to be one really good iPod touch, if they put in a faster processor. I left my iPod touch 2G on the table loading an app, for 10 minutes. This app was my safari web browser.
    4. I think we may see a camera, but I cannot be entirely sure. One thing is for certain. I live in the UK, and over here, the prices for an iPhone 3GS are just WAY TO HIGH! I have a music collection of about 7GB, about 4GB of film and TV shows, 900MB of Podcasts, Way over 2GB of apps, and I need a 32GB device. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I AM PAYING £550 FOR A FLIPPING PHONE! GUR!
    (Now back to the list)
    5. I think they will bring the new display to the iPod. No one wants dirty fingerprints on their screen which they cannot remove.
    6. It is very unlikely, but we may see better sound, and if we do, we may see the back change. Who ever said they have somewhere close to 1,000,000 scratches and dents on their ipod, i have so many, it doesn't even shine any more, and you can't see the engraving.
    Got any more tips? visit my contact form at
  • hey guys :) please don't say you will not be coming back here because that will truly heart us all as there will be less of us supporting each other through these rough times.
    Also, im not sure if you guys think im the actual Aaron because im not. I have been visiting this site for awhile and stumbled upon some people impersonating as Aaron, so i joined the fun and did not post anything until recently with my account:
    Airon, AironSwift and now... :P
  • Come on guys, can't we just get along?
  • Jonthan I not sayin ur lying but I ask one of the workers in my local apple store and he said that he knew nothing of the 3G. He could be lying bc he can't say anything but they probably don't follow iPod touch they all have iPhones
  • i have info on what the gigs are gonna be.but there is no confirmed price. is not fake.and its suposilly coming out with the new nano 5 gen.and new macbook (which could possibly be a tablet)and this is all gonna be released on apples music cocert thing(sorry forgot the name):.the new ipod touch 3 codename:revolution.(which is a terrible name)is gonna include a camera and a mic faster one knows the specs cause IT HASNT beeen released yet!the ipod touch revolution will have the same type of back as the iphone and be availible in black or white.(:(:prices i THINK are gonna be 16gig-200 32gig-270 64gig-340 128gig-400. hope this helped(:
  • Dude, I think it's pretty much confirmed that the ipod 3g will come in 16, 32, and 64 gigs. Theres not gonna be a 128 gig. As for prices, im not sure, but your so sure (tyler_forum forever) then show me your sources.
  • *but if your so sure...
  • dude i really was not suposed to tell anything.i could get in huge trouble for just doin this.and the reason there makin a 128 gig is so they can get rid of the ipod classic.64 isnt enough for some people.
  • BTW the Zune HD will have apps and an SDK.
  • and i wouldnt be suprised if they released a new line of imacs and macbooks.possibly a tablet?
  • zune hd sucs ass!!
  • Totally!!!!!!! I'm just putting out facts... Apple rules!
  • it took microsoft two years to make a touchscreen mp3 player.there super late and i bet theres a million bugs knowing microsoft the only thing i like by microsoft is xbox 360. but if apple made a gaming system...we can dream.
  • tyler i have a question do you work 4 apple or a friend of yours works in apple? and second please tell me this info is true bc there are unreliable sources in this blog
  • yes my friend works for apple and i could get him fired for this so keep it secret.
  • guys check this out, i just found this.go to google shop, and type in ipod touch 3rd generation will be amazed by what you will see.
  • Thats pretty cool Jack. But that just proves it has a camera, does anyone know any of the other features?
  • my friend just told me that a gps navigation system is also likely. but it will only work where you have wifi. too bad.
  • the post above me is a friend said nothing about that!!
  • Will have ZuneHD have a cam and mic as well?
  • dude your on a apple post who gives a fuck about the zune hd. ipod touch 3rd geen aka revolution is gonna be 8000 times better.
    (**************real tyler**************)
  • if you look at my post in a different point of view, you can see that i was illustrating the difference between the 2 products which apple obviously has the advantage to.
    This is AironSwiftBlues =) New ipod Touch = ipod Swift
  • guys just found out that the release date for itouch gen3 is nov 20th
  • will you still be able to use all of the original services and apps if you jailbreak?
  • will using the dish soap with your screen protector damage your device or cause the screen to look unusual?
  • Blake (2) i thought the release date would be around september the 9th because apple r doing that offer where they give away a free touch everytime u buy a mac and the last day is sept 8, they're doing this to get rid of stock i guess. and when is this big music show thing that apple will do? it'll probably be released then.
  • hey guys, that post about the release date being nov. 30th is a FAKE!! I am the real Blake(2).
  • Haha. I know. I will really cough blood out if it is November 20th.
  • no it is 9/09/09 its been confirmed but it wont be availible in stores till the 12. they were gonna do it on the 11 but i think they thought it be a bad idea to elebrate anything on 9/11
  • Will it be online on the ninth?
  • Don't lie Tyler, I am buying it on the 9th.
  • it will be online but not in stores
  • i heard the back of the ipod will be plastic not chrome.
  • Why are people with no lives impersonating other people :-O SCUM
  • Exactly...just keep it real
  • i am real i promise.and its gonna have the same back as the iphone or white(:
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! NO CHROME BACK!!!!!!!!!
  • yeah i know! and i hope it fits in the hand like a iphone!the 2nd gen.ipod touch was way to scrathed upp and didnt fit in your hand well.
  • Ok ok. We are all excited for this fascinating new iPod touch, obviously coming out on the 9th of September. I have heard it will have a faster processor, 64gb memory capacity, and a camera. I just want to know if all of this is accurate and true. I have never owned an iPod touch, and I am hoping this one will impress me. I am also wondering how much it will cost. (In Canadian)
  • 16 gig-$199
    32 gig-$299
    64 gig-$399
    I am pretty sure that all of the features and stuff are true...
  • If you are thinking of getting an mp3 player, I would highly recommend the wait for the new iPod touch 3g. Not that shit zune
  • the zune is pretty good and cheaper than itouch. c'mon, give microsoft some credit! they make good products. (*************tyler**************)
  • ... The zune HD is pretty good, but I think that I would choose the iPod touch 3g over the zune HD.
  • @jonah look at one of my last post! i trash talk that zune hd why the hell would i think its good now??the one where it says zune hd is good is a total fake.and serriously dude get a life
  • Me? Get a life? WTF do you mean?
  • no the one who was faking as 388
  • Hi i use my spare time to spread my negativity by judging people i don't know because i have no manners and don't know how to contain myself. I apologize to anyone who i called scum because i am going to cry myself to sleep now.
    they should change the ipod name to:
    itouch, itool, ipod swift, icandy etc...
    I found a good screen protector called invisibleSHIELD and they supply a solution to use on your sticker instead of soap and water. any other brands up there like invisibleshield?
  • Holy crap, a 32 gig for only 299? Boooyaa I am getting that because I don't need a 64 gig.
  • Will it have the plastic coating or chrome?
  • the same as iphone
  • I can't believe that I have read through over 80-90% of the posts on this thread! I am really ecstatic about the thought of a new 3rd Gen Ipod Touch! However, as a college student I have been taught to be very skeptical of here say. There is a lot of that going on in here! Fun to read through though. I guess we'll have to see what pans out. The optional 3G internet option available via Itunes Store and for like $5-10 would be a must have option for me personally lol!
  • i dont know anything about the new macbook touch or itablet.but if it comes out i hope it looks something like this that looks absolutly gorgous(:
  • Ok, to give a review, I'm hearing faster processor, camera (possibly and hopefully video) on top middle of touch, maybe + hopefully a mic, and pricing of 16/32/64 (GB) for
    199/299/399 ($) And, a release date of sept. 7-12th. Sounds good! =-)
  • I also heard that the 3rd gen with have voice recognition with a mic
  • How do u guys know there will be 3G network is there an article about it?
  • I can't wait
  • ... I don't think there will be a 3g network for the touch...
  • ... But if there is, I would totaly get it!
  • Just wait until September 9th, then we will see it for ourselves
  • So all that stuff is confirmed?
    Lol thx for using my name:)
  • CAN'T WAIT!!!! :)
  • uhh i know people are gonna copy my name no matter what its called because of copy paste ):
  • @Three-Dawg same!!
  • @ jonah and three dog. only 14 MORE DAYS!!!! :)
  • Yay I can't wait thanks for all the info guys, and my original name is || ShArP ||, I just fely like being annoying. XbLgT: SharpShooterA12
  • Yaaaaaaaay! My dad said that if he can have my 2g, he will buy me the new touch!!!
  • Why the wankers keep impersinating ! It's getting a bit lame now :-) Shame on you sad b****rds !!
  • haha ok just did(:
    (tyler_forum forever)
  • So when is the release date ? Anyone know for sure ?
  • the 9th
  • NOOOO!!! Its getting Delayed til the 21st!!! :(
  • hope it come out
  • 21 is bull shit inless there resheduling the whole thing(apples music event)it will be on the 9th
  • man i hate to say it but the ps3 slim looks bad ass...
  • aaah, come to think of it, it ain't that bad. oh well, whateva.
  • definatly!. and post 433 is a fake.(sigh)
    idk why they even said that i said the ps3 slim looks badazz.(cool)
  • Man you guys got it going on here. Posting fake rumors and stuff. I feel bad for you all. lies all over.
  • Hell yea I'm getting it when it comes out. gonna order it online and stuff. gonna kik ass.
  • Hey guys Im back and somebody used my name and who ever is doing it needs to grow UP!!!!!! ang get a life but anyway I can't wait to show my new touch off to all my friends at school once it comes out hopefully on the ninth!!!
  • yeh where the heck did you all get the delay date? Dont be making stuff up like all ya'll are doing. it's not good for the fans here .you know.
  • once the product comes out, half of the people here will never be seen again and within a couple of weeks this site will be dead.IMPORTANT
    I think that the ipod Touch needs to have a mic and cam or else sales will go down because of the ZuneHD. So many iphone people are angry because the Touch fans are getting what they want...SCREW iphone! You guys got what you want, an all in one device. So let us have what WE want, a full mother Phuckin multimedia device, you greedy LAMERS! We don't want a phone in our touch because we don't need to waste our battery life, monthly fees$$, and could care less about girly chit chat. BOOYA
  • that movie looks sick.bravo sony.
    and they are canceling the ipod touch 128 gig.till a later date.i dont think there gettin rid of the classic just yet...
  • 128 gb ipod touch is friggin insane. Who really needs such large amount of gigs? Unless you're intending to add 398490384038 songs, or your whole DVD library in there or something. WOWZERS.
    Yeh I'll be here in the ninth. I'll order it online for sho, engrave it and suchlike. And then yeh, I'm gonna join in on the festivities. Hopefully some folks here will make a new blog and we can start fresh, neh? I dont like clogging up this here blog post. just saying.
  • gerr, I meant this comment page. I mean. ^^; Not blog post. heh.
  • I've been following the 3G rumors for a while now. Lets think about this for a minute.
    I don't think Apple will make a 3G touch that will be adequate for VOIP even if it does have mic/camera. They would want iPhone sales for that.
    Second, the speaker in the 2G model was internal, and not nearly as good as the iPhone's speaker. Is everyone going to use VOIP in a speakerphone manner with junky quality? Surely there won't be a speaker front-top centre like the iPhone. Maybe earbuds would suffice?!?. Where will the mic be?
    We also know from recent news (FCC/Google/APPLE issue) that AT&T does in fact have a large influence in Apple's practices when it come to handhelds, even though none of the companies will admin it. I doubt Apple would put out a product that would make anyone able to make cellular like calls with no iPhone and no cellular contract. It just doesn't make sense. Apple's bread and butter right now is from the iPhone, not the iPod. Recent sales figures show that iPod sales are declining rapidly and Apple really doesn't care. But then again, maybe if all of this were true, it would re-birth the line. But then again-again, at the Touch's prices, its not going to fly.
    Looking at it objectively, I just don't think it will happen. I believe there WILL be a 3G announcement, just not VOIP adequate. The best that I would hope for is an increased CPU/GPU like the 3GS, and smudge resistant screen and I would love a better speaker. And of course I would welcome the 16/32/64 price reductions.
    Eagerly waiting as are all of you ...
  • Cant wait! Its coming out on the 9th of september!
  • Why has it been delayed till the 21st :-O
    Also, anyone know when the new nano is coming out?
  • im not a big fan of the nanos.
    i wonder if they will make the shuffle even smaller then it really is O.o
  • Check out this new ad:
  • For the new ipod touch
  • Can't wait for the keynote! I hope the new Touch is tuned up to 3GS specs, I would love the speed and hope there is a camera and mic on it. My 1st generation Touch is seeming outdated and its runs much slower jailbroken so hoping the new one will solve that problem lol.
  • @ Blake(2) Is that really you!!??
    I thought you added characters on to your name (posts 428 and 429)
  • @ Aaron That really sucks. Your source didn't pop up when I clicked on it, but if what you say is true, then that's a real bummer ;(
  • @ Blake(2)(posts 462 down) Stop faking the real Blake. Throughout this whole post he's been in favor of the new ipod, and now suddenely you don't like it. And if you are the real Blake, why do you not like it now?? I'm sick of this.
  • dude i hate how you guys see one post and all of a sudden belive it who says this isnt a zune hd lover article.
    i havnt seen one thing where apple fails.and its sure not gonna happen now.
  • and that faker blake is a fake.and that article is from people. why the hell would apple trash there own not even yet released product??FAKER BLAKE:get a life
  • =COMPLETLY would ne ver show a product that hasnt been confirmed yet.
    ipod touch 3 is gonna be AMAZING
    dont care what blake(2) says.
    cause when he gets 40000 viruses from his retarded zunehd.
    ell go out aand buy a ipod touch
    p.s and because zune does not have the type of security apple has,all the viruses on your pc can go straight to your zune hd.>:) HAHAHAHAHA
  • Why the hell keep using my name ?! What a bunch of fucktards :-)
  • Post #475 is FAKE. I don't have an ipod touch 2g. The ipod 3g is gonna be the first ipod I get. Whoever is impersonating other people needs to get a life
  • ipod touch is definetely better than the zune HD
  • ipod touch 3 is gonna be awesome!!!
  • no ones commenting):
  • try copying this fucktards:)
  • idont like it....
    not enough change.
  • no.i dont think so. i want the apple iphone back so bad and i would love black and white
  • Got news about the iPod touch 3gen. First of all there will be an upgrade in the firmware 3.1 which will fix any bugs in the firmware 3.0. The update will be ready Sep. 8. The iPod touch will be announce Sep. 9. The pricing is unknow for now but keep in mind that apple will get rid off the 8gb iPod touch. I work at apple and know this stuff. Now save up your cash and wait for the new ipod touch. I will not post anymore comments. Anyone using my name after this post are imposters. And oh yes, it is hard to type in the iPod touch if you big thumbs.
  • Got news about the iPod touch 3gen. First of all there will be an upgrade in the firmware 3.1 which will fix any bugs in the firmware 3.0. The update will be ready Sep. 8. (My bad what I meant to say is that the update release Sep. 8)
    Now I am not going to post more comments.
  • update release Sep. 8. Now I am not going to post more comments. Maybe just one time.
  • Hi!
  • Not so hard to copy ur name if u have the 3.0 firmware update bitch!
  • たはやなまかなたま
  • sounds awesome.
    i was looking up 2g touched on ebay the other day when i heard about this. fricken glad that i did hear about it before buying a crummy old one...nah there still awesome.
    can't wait!
  • I've been reading this page for about days now...been following on the whole 3G iPod Touch updates and I must say...When that Apple Event comes along on the 8th or 9th...people are so gonna nuts! with me included....ahahah I can't wait for it though...I've been excited since my friend told me..I, too, planned on buying the 2nd gen until my friend told me to wait for the 3rd oh man can't wait to get my hands on those lovely new touch...i just need to sell my 1st gen really quick before people start stampeding to stores just to get the iPod touch..hehe 8 MORE DAYS!!!! can u believe it!!!???
  • Is there any free movie conversion software online for the ipod touch? I want to download some of my dvd's to my soon to be 3rd gen Ipod Touch.
  • @Butch: Handbrake lite! :)
  • I work at apple, and itouch myself
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • hello, ipod touch 3rd gen is confirmed to come out sept.9 it will have 5 mexapixal camera and mic.the is no itablet coming out this year. this year event will be held in california and steve jobs will be there.there is going to be update to itunes allso.i believe the new ipod will be really exciting.i can't wait until i get it and send photos to my friends in china.
    source:i got my information from my felow freind.he works in california to create silicone cases for ipods.
    thank you and please sorry if my english bad.
  • since nothin was confirmed on this whn I got my 2bd gen I kinda bummed.but I dot think I could have lived without it.anxiously waitin 3rd gen.I will have it when it comes out.
  • It's not that hard to copy a name. Hahaha!
  • I'm sooooo excited about the touch!!
    So its confirmed for the ninth?
  • yes
  • so umm any confirmed features?the camera and mic?prices?the 16gb is gonna be like $229 right?hopefully ill have enuf time to resell my 2nd gen and get enuf to get 3rd.ill need a new case tho...dang spent $30 on mine.
  • yes the features will have a camera,mic,come in 64Gb models,price range around $200-230 for 16gb replacing the 8gb.and more!worth the wait!
  • Aha!hes trying to fake!notice his name has a lowercase a.if u look at all my posts it has a capital a.tho most of those statements in his post is true.i am friggen enjoyin my ipod.
  • soo... any more info u found?i dont wanna give away too much but its fine if you do...
  • how much will the ipod be? for each capacity? & also when will advertisements for it start showin on tv?
  • & this question is to Aaron; with the capital.
  • Lrn2Read. Just scroll up and you will find the prices already posted a hundred times. Don't get lazy.
  • I'm still rooting for the 16gb being $200. Though $230 is reasonable too.
  • when do the 3rd generation ipode touches come out?
  • I think that we are only getting a camera, CRAP!!!
  • Why!! Why!!! Why!!!
  • yes well prices almost confirmed at $200-230 for 16 then $299 and $399 for the other models.also I think the 64 was confirmed.even with the info I get I don't get it all.still mic is most likely confirmed and camera duh.for anyone who hasn't been reading the 90%+chance it's out on sept 9th.which is like a week and a half will be worth your me!
  • It's gonna be awesome!
  • tonight?it did?
  • Will there be special deals on the second generation before/after the release of the third generation? I'm in the market for an iPod touch and don't need it with a camera - I already have a Samsung U900 with a 5.0 megapixel camera. So, I may prefer a 2nd generation if the only major addition to the 3rd generation is the camera.
  • actually most likely the major additions are hopefully the camera a mic 64 gb models 256 ram memory and better processors.its gonna be like the iphone 3gs with the same things but a little better.most likely.but why get the 2nd gen?when the 3rd comes out itt'l probly replace the price of the 8gb 2nd u get more data and features for the same price.unless apple decides to spike the price at the last minute...hopefully not tho
  • Will they upgrade the external speakers in the third gen?
  • Ugh!!!! I am sooo stupid! I JUST got an ipod touch 2nd gen n now theres gonna be a 3rd gen?! Whats even worse is my birthday is on september 18th so if i just waited i could have got it!!!! (Maybe i could give it back)
  • @ Blake(2) What did you find out???
  • Only 10 more days!!!!!! :) :) :) :0
  • I cant...i bought it like 3-4 weeks ago
  • Maybe i could like sell it something?
    Awww!!! I really want one! I should have jusg waited till my birthday!!!
  • sell it on ebay and u can return it still.u get 3 months
  • I will only buy the new APPLE iPOD TOUCH THIRD GENERATION if it has a camera with video, a faster processor thingy, a half decent speaker, and all at a good price
  • But to be honest, the new Zune HD looks pretty good, almost as good as the iPod touch. I think the Zune will soon take over the touch. Give it a chance, it looks pretty awesome!
  • yeh well i got the "just before" final it was changed b4 the final version. if it's anything like this one it's worth it. it does seem much faster than 2g.also im only buying if camera with video mic and good price as above me guy said.
  • screw zune HD!this is abot iPod 3rd gen.also i have a prototype before the last model and it blows the zune HD away.just sayin
  • Argh, its hard! On Aug 12th, my bday, I was given a 2g 32gb. I haven't even opened the seal, cuz I can take it back and exchange for a 3g when its out. Its soooo hard to just see it there on my desk everyday and not want to crack it open. It'll be a feat waiting till the 9th ... assuming then even become available on the 9th instead of just being announced!
  • tryin somethin new here u think apples gonna make a gaming console?
  • WHEWW! One more week folks! Why isn't Apple announcing news on it yet, hmm? All i see is some MAC OSX on their site.
  • Most of the analysts who have commented on Apple + Console say that this won't happen. Apple exceeds bringing something new to the table, or taking an existing idea and making it better. Apple would be hard pressed to make a dent in Nintendo/Sony/MS. We dont need another console anyways, there are too many as it is, and that makes it hard for game developers and customers alike.
  • omg i so want an ipod. does anyone noe of a certain release date. plz say if you do
  • There is absolutely nothing about the iPod touch on apple website
    not even in the hot news section!!
    i really want to buy this!!
    does anybody know how much the 32gb 3rd gen iPoud Touch would cost in Australia?
    Hopefully not over $400!
  • Guys, read this site. Woot. So excited.
  • thnx Blake&Aaron & anyone that has a problem with my LAZINESS can kiss my ass...[over&out]
  • Just copy and paste it. I hate it when it does that.
  • SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Monday that it would host a media event next week, when the company is widely expected to unveil an updated line of iPod media players.
    Apple announced the September 9 event in an invitation emailed to members of the media.
    The invitation did not specify what sorts of products would be featured at the gathering, but it featured an iPod and the tagline: "It's only rock and roll, but we like it."
    In the past, the company has used a September media event to launch new and refreshed iPod models for the holiday period.
    The event will be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater.
    Shares of Cupertino, California-based Apple were down 1.2 percent at $168.03 in early afternoon Nasdaq trading.
    (Reporting by Gabriel Madway; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn
  • Thanks bluu-oh! I'm very excited to see the event unfold!
  • so were not gonna know til then?dang I was hoping for apple to at least announce the new iPod like in a few days.guess we have to wait til 9th
  • I thought they would be announcing it on the 1st? Are they going to announce it the DAY they go on sale? Because I've been counting on the 9th and if it's any later than the 9th I might just...AHH!! Haha.
  • @person it will probably be aired in apple's website after the presentation is over
  • and they will probably give the guided tour the same day or the next day
  • Just got confirmation, it is going to have GPS too!!!
  • Wait what? is it really going to have GPS?
    And is it really going to have a 5mp Camera? or any Camera?
    Coz thats not really an iPod anymore haha. But if its gonna stay the same price, then i would love to have those features!
    8 more days! if it is comming out on the 9th
  • To Ashkan, why do you care if it is not an ipod anymore. Just buy the damn thing.
  • You guys don't have a clue of what you guys are saying there is going to be a new iPod but not with those things you just claim. Just wait till the 9th ok to see what I've got in stores for yall
  • Ha Ha I like it "Steve Jobs". Nice joke.
  • Hey Steve Jobs wannabe, STOP WHINING!
  • @Butch I'm pretty sure Apple doesn't CONFIRM anything until that day. Probably just VERY likely.
  • Has anyone heard of pricing? I know people suspect the same prices as the 2nd generation but starting with 16gb, but has anything been confirmed? Thanks.
  • so the nano is confirmed with a camera?also apple should announce the music festival date soon
  • When will the 3G be announced on apples website?
  • I dont care how much it costs, on the 9th, i am buying this thing!!!
    been saving up for a long time
  • Just spent three hours reading every post lol. Can't wait
  • Cool!
  • Ok, so this thing is supposed to be released on the 9th. Why hasn't apple advertised for it at all? Do they usually wait till the day it's released to start advertising? If the ipod touch 3rd gen doesnt come out on or near the 9th, i am going to have to kill myself. :(
  • I work at apple and i know when its coming out but i cant tell you but i can tell you wait for it to come out if you are wanting to buy one now basuse t is amazing but its 529 dolars!so you deside
  • yeah right...
  • @Mitchell do u want to get fire and if you "did" work for me you'll know better then throw rumors out there. What do you think this is a gossip show so you could say all of this lies people don't listen to this person he don't know what he's talking about. Just wait it won't cost that much promise
  • What's up guys, i have been reading these posts so much and I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE 9th!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP POSTING!!! :)
  • *Or she my bad
  • i like little boys
  • when will the ipod touch be announced on apple's website?
  • @Steve Jobs Ok if you know me like your claiming to what's my Pets name and what kind of pet I had?
  • I'm really michel Jackson!!!!!!
    Hi y'all
  • I'm the real steave jobs
  • Man I say that the Zune HD would be the best multimedia device out there this year. And please Steve u ain't gats no game
  • Ok you guys don't know what ya'll talking about I'm the real Steve and I've been looking at this site for quite awhile now and Ima tell you the true about the iPod touch yes there is going to be one I will have a 5 megapixel camara, microphone, it will be faster then the 2nd generation, it will cone in two colors white and black like the iPhone and much more in 16 32 and 64 gigs starting from 215 to 350 dollars and will be anounce the 9th of this moth in are event call rock and roll but we like it an I might be there to present it. That's all the truth
  • hey "apple" if you arnt the real thing you know that utting down "sinceerrly apple" is copyrighting. right?
  • again when will be announced on apple's website/
  • wow.
  • n00b phail
    u guyz suk you should get a lyfe, uz hav been posting since 8 jul
    sad shitz
  • HELP!! I have a black classic but want to get a touch. I live in Australia so I don't know if it's possible to get it as soon as America. Is that so? And also, I would much much much rather get a refurbished one than spend full price. But can i get a refurbished one soon after or at the same time as it's release? Help would be much appreciated. xoxo.
  • 1 week remaining :o
  • i've just sold my ipod touch 2g ^^
  • You all are morons. Instead of spamming this comments page with your pointless whining, why not just stop all the drama already and do something better with your lives? Can't you just wait till next week for some updated news? No? Grow up then.
  • I'm hoping Apple would release a teaser or some mini news to confirm all these rumors and fake lies here. You all crack me up.
  • And to post 584, I agree. I dont know why Apple hasnt bothered to post anything about it either. Not even a small teaser page or anything. I hope this is still going on.
  • Sorry guys, I just bought a Zune HD, I couldn't hang on until the iPod came out.
    BTW The Zune is much better than my old iPod touch 2G.
    Happy surfin'! Have fun waiting! hah!
  • Thanks, Blake!
    I really hope that in your purchasing of any Microsoft® product you had a good customer experience... oh! And the people who are impersonating Me®, I've already left Microsoft® a few months back!©
    Gosh. I should really copyright© my® name™. Then® I could sue them and maybe® win for once™!
    ©®™Microsoft plc. The Copyright© logo (©) is © 2009 by Copyright© branded technologies™.
  • Ima hit the 600th post!
  • 599
  • Huh? I didn't write that... -.-
  • 600
  • OMG.
  • i have a pc and i like it but it gets too much viruses but macs are expensive
  • To: All those middle class Americans who've been posting.
    From: Mr. President.
    For your information, I just got the first iPod Touch 3rd generation© exclusively from Apple™ from my personal distributor, and I have to say, this new portable device is a piece of art. This truly is a piece of revolutionary technology. When you all get it, it will change the way you live your everyday life. Every American should get one.
    Sincerely: Mr. President™©
  • stop this crap who next osama?
  • I got new ipod touch off black market and I like it.
  • Too bad we didn't have the iPod 3g back in my day...
  • The ipod touch 3g will officially have a 3.2 megapixel camera...
  • sup.all j00 fAkers goin on mah naughty list...wait...
  • ne abd Carly and Freddy have iPods and will give em away abd show u all features in the next icarly