Whether you just bought a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with M1 or you're rocking one from two years ago, you know the pain of zero legacy ports (and only 2 USB-C ports for some models). Now is the time to alleviate that pain with these Black Friday USB-C hub deals. You can get as much as $50 off on Thunderbolt 3 docking stations, USB-C multi-port hubs, and single-port adapters.

If you need to connect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to your TV, a DisplayPort monitor, directly to your router, or you just want the flexibility to connect various USB-A keyboards, trackpads, and hard drives, this Plugable Black Friday sale has you covered.

Full support

Plugable Usb C Dock 14 In 1 Thunderbolt 3

Plugable USB-C Dock 14-in-1 with Thunderbolt 3

With this docking station, you can connect two 4K displays to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, plus charge your laptop while you work and connect a dozen peripherals at the same time.

$249 $299 $50 Off with coupon

Photographer's friend

Plugable Usb C Hub Multiport Adapter

Plugable USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 adapter

I love this portable hub for many reasons, one of them being that it has an SD card slot so I can quickly transfer my camera files. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but provides a wealth of versatility.

$24 $30 $6 Off with coupon

Single use

Plugable Usb C Displayport Adapter

Plugable USB-C DisplayPort 4K Adapter

Maybe you don't need a hub with 14 different ports. Maybe you just want to be able to connect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to a DisplayPort monitor. Well, this USB-C adapter works perfectly with UHD Thunderbolt 3 displays to perfect your visual aesthetic.

$13 $15 13% Off with coupon

Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup may be seriously impressive laptop computers, but the lack of port versatility is a pain point for all of us. Even if you just want more USB-C ports, you're very limited with Apple laptops. If Plugable's Black Friday USB-C hub sale isn't what you're looking for, check out our recommendations for USB-C docking stations for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, USB-C hubs for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and USB-C adapters for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. You'll definitely find what you're looking for and many of these items are also on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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