If you got a new iPhone 13 or anything else this holiday season, you'll be looking for some new accessories! Totallee is known for the best thin cases for iPhone 13 and other models, but totallee also makes some of our other favorite cases, screen protectors, chargers, and more. Just use code BYE2021 for the rest of the year and get 50% off anything on totallee's website. While I've linked the iPhone 13 versions of most products, you can also find accessories for the iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 lineups.


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Totallee Iphone 13 Pro Max Thin Clear Case

totallee thin iPhone Case

Regularly $39, this ultra-thin totallee Thin iPhone Case is no thicker than my fingernail at .02 inches thick and weighing just .1 ounce. You'll barely notice you have a case on at all. Note that it's not going to be terribly protective; it's more for bump and scratch protection than for major drops. It's the case for no-case people.

$19.50 at totallee
Totallee Thin Hybrid Magsafe Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

totallee Thin Hybrid MagSafe iPhone case

Want more protection and MagSafe compatibility but still want a very thin case? Get the best of both worlds with the totallee Thin Hybrid MagSafe iPhone case. The clear, thin case has a hard plastic back and a flexible bumper as well as the signature MagSafe magnetic circle so you can use it with your MagSafe charger and other accessories. The regular price is $39.

$19.50 at totallee
Totallee Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 11

totallee iPhone Screen Protector

You'd normally pay $39 for this excellent edge-to-edge totallee iPhone Screen Protector. What I love about it is the way it seems to melt away once it's installed. You'll hardly notice you have a screen protector on your iPhone at all.

$19.50 at totallee

In addition to the cases and screen protectors, you'll also find wireless charger, car charger, and UV phone sanitizer. You'll need to use the promo code BYE2021 to see the discount.

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