Get charged up with this Prime Day deal on a cool desk hub

Anker Magnetic Desktop Charging Station Maggo Lifestyle Hero
Anker Magnetic Desktop Charging Station Maggo Lifestyle Hero (Image credit: Anker)

Sick of cable clutter on your desk or nightstand? Anker has the solution with this handy charging hub, which is $30 off this Prime Day. The cool spherical device has a MagSafe charger on the front, perfect for your iPhone 12 or 13 series phones. The back has three AC outlet plugs, two USB-A ports, and two fast-charging USB-C ports of up to 65W.

Instead of having cables all over the place, you can have everything right there in one spot. It comes in three colors to match your decor.

Give your desk or nightstand a major upgrade

You can buy a boxy gray charging hub, or you can get this futuristic-looking, spherical cutie. You can plop your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series phone right onto the front, but you can also plug in just about everything else on the back. With three AC outlets, you can plug in your lamp, speaker, fan, or anything else that needs power. You also get two USB-A ports and two high-speed USB-C ports, so you can plug in your MacBook, headphones, iPad, another smartphone, earbuds, Apple Watch, or just about anything else. The USB-C ports charge at up to 65W, so it's sufficient to power your MacBook.

All of those cables will be directed to the back, so you'll only see the clean-looking MagSafe charging pad from the front. It comes in three colors: Misty Blue, as shown in the photos here, Dolomite White, and Interstellar Gray.

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