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Giveaway: Apple Store Headphone Stand Replica

The style of the Apple store is unmistakeable. With wooden tables and mostly clear acrylic displays, all the shiny Macs and iPads and iPhones on display can be seen in all their glory. Why not bring a bit of that simplistic display home with you so your gadgets can look just as awesome? Of course, I'm not encouraging you to steal from the Apple store. (opens in new tab) has some really neat display options that mimic those found in the Apple store.

Not long ago we showed you the iPad 2 display docks, and gave a few away to some lucky iMore readers. Today we wanted to show you the Headphone Stand, created to look identical to the ones at your favorite store. Constructed from 1/2" clear acrylic with non-slip feet and a stainless steel arm, you can conveniently hold your headphones where they will always be easily accessible. Reduce clutter on your desk without adding anything obtrusive. You can pick these up for $29.95 at (opens in new tab).


We have five Apple Store Headphone Stands to give away this week courtesy of To enter, leave a comment below letting us know where you would put one if you won. One entry per person please! Good luck!

  • On my desk for my wireless usb headset! PLEASE!
  • on my desk for handy storage! please choose me! :)
  • I'd put it on my desk next to my Ipad dock...
  • I have a headphone area on my book shelf with my tube amp and ipod. It will go there.
    I promise not to use them with dre beats ;)
  • right on my desk next to my macbook and my iPhone 4S!!
  • got some headphones for xmas, getting this would be great!
  • I totally need these, ironically for the same headphones shown.
  • I would use this on my desk at home to reduce my headphone cord clutter.
  • On my bedside table.
  • On my dorm desk next to my MacBook Pro. I stopped using my speakers after realizing how annoying it was to my roommate, and my headphones are usually just lying about since I have nowhere else to put them.
  • I would put it on my desk at work. Always looking for a place to put my headphones!
  • On my desk next to my laptop!
  • I would def. rock this and put this at my office at work, just me, my music and my headphones! :)
  • I would use it on my desk of course. For my qc Bose headset. Right next to my iPad two acrylic display dick I bought.
  • On my desk next to my iMac. It'll be great for my SB wireless headset.
  • I can finally place my Sony MDR-V6's on my computer table without having the nuisance of always trying to keep my desk clutter free!
    Thank you!
  • I would like to have this!!!
  • on my desk with my pioneer hdj 1000's on it
  • I'd put it right in front of my several Steve Jobs and Apple posters that hang in my dorm!
  • My desk at work has been begging me for a headphone accessory :)
  • That would be awesome to go with my new microphone set in my podcast station!
  • On my desk so my Skullcandy Aviators could live outside of their case and still stay nice and shiny.
  • This would help reduce the mounds of wires strewn across my studio, so it would sit proudly between my mixing desk & iPhone dock!
  • My desk at work!
  • It can sit right next to my directv box and xbox
  • My desk next to the giant stack of textbooks!
  • I would place that next to my computer in order to keep my headphones organized. As it is now entropy takes over and tangles the hell out of the cords.
  • No use for it. I'd probably give it away
  • I would put it up in my room and when I need to reflect on my day, I will go up and pick up my headphones (which I sadly spent too much money on that shouldn't be set on table:P) from the stand and listen to some dubstep.
  • That would rock!
  • It would sit on my desk at work, so when a client came by or my phone rang, my headphones wouldn't just be tossed on top of my desk!
  • So I will put the Headphone Stand in a box.
    And I will put the Headphone Stand with a fox.
    And I will put the Headphone Stand in a house.
    And I will put the Headphone Stand with a mouse.
    And I will put the Headphone Stand here and there.
    Say! I will put the Headphone Stand ANYWHERE!!!
    Tis' the truth. I would so enjoy so much this Headphone Stand that I would nearly plagiarize Green Eggs & Ham... ;) oh, to own my very own Headphone Stand!
  • Id put it
    On my work desk
  • I would love to win the stand and if you could plz throw in the headphones too
  • Would love to have thank you
  • I would leave it under my Beats, but not for long cause my Beats are way too cool to listen to. But at night when the entire house will be asleep I will wake up to glance at it for a while and fall back asleep happily to wake myself up and hour later to repeat it al again. Will have to quit my work due to insomnia, but hey....
  • The new Sennheisers on my bedside table would be proud to get such a stand...
  • I'd put it on my desk at school just to show it off, taking it from class to class like a boss
  • Nice! I'd use them at work.
  • On the table next to my couch in my living room where I often use my iPad and Macbook and where anyone who comes to visit would see the stand.
  • I would put it on my desk...that looks really nice
  • I would buy a plane ticket to new york, get on a cab and got to the top of the empire state building, and with the stand slowly build an apple store on top of the empire state building
  • On my nightstand next to my iPad and iPods!
  • On my nightstand to hold my new Sennheiser HD580's I use with my iPad. PLEASE!
  • right next to my macbook pro, just because!
  • On my desk, close and easy to reach.
  • Next to the Xbox and copy of MW3...
  • On my desk, sporting a pair of B&W P5s... Perfect!
  • This would look great sitting on my desk next to my Macbook Pro.
  • I would like it on my living room table! Please
  • I'd put it on my desk next to my iPad 2 and iMac. Would love one!
  • Love to put it on my desk next to my iphone so i didn't have to wrap up the cords for my headphones all the time. It would be a great help!
  • I'd put it on the end table beside my chair. Then maybe my wife would stop fussing at me for hanging my Bluetooth headset on a picture frame.
  • I really want that! I've been looking for one on and off for a while now. That would look sharp next to my mbp with my AT M50s resting on them!
  • In my recording studio!!!!
  • Living room, where I pass more of my time
  • On top of one of my stereo speakers.
  • On my desk, with a brand new set of white Nixon Master Blasters hanging on it!
  • This stand would find its home at my bedside with the iPhones & iPad!
  • On my desk at work.
  • At work to drown out the sound of loud co-workers!
  • Needs this for beats headphones!
  • This would look awesome on my desk for resting my Beats Studio's on! Right now their home is on the back of my guitar stand, but I've always wanted something like this for them. Thanks for the contest.
  • Easy. I would put it on my computer desk so that I can always have my headphone handy.
  • Next to my drum kit!
  • On my home office desk.
  • I would put it on my desk
  • On my crystal desk will be great with my Dr. Dree white headphones
  • On my nightstand. Perfect for getting ready to snooze!
  • I just wall mounted my 27" iMac and 19" LaCie monitor. Now I have room on my desk for my headphones. This would be a great way to showcase them.
  • I would put it on my riding lawn mower. So when ever I need to I could have my headphones handy. Or maybe I would put Velcro on the bottom and the put Velcro where ever I might need them. Like on the good of my car or the wall of my garage or on the bathroom counter next to the TP.
    But that would not look good with the black Velcro on it. Maybe I can invent some kind of magnet that will hold this head phone holder in any place I need it.
    Well all I can say is I am looking forward to getting my headphone stand.
  • On my desk of course. I'm prepping to buy some new cans and this would be the "i" to my "pod/phone/pad".
  • On my desk. next to my MBP and with my Beats.
  • Right next to my IKEA Macbook Air napkin hold... er stand.
  • that would be great next to my computer!
  • On my nightstand right next to my bed for late night listening.
  • On my desk. My iPad is on the desk. It'll fit in with my white desk lamp.
  • I'll use for my new Beats Wireless right on my desk beside my macbook pro :D perfect combination!
  • On my Steve Jobs alter!
  • Hopefully on my bedside table for my new Incase headphones! I would love to win one.
  • I would love to have one of these on my side table!
  • Place them on my office desk to eliminate the mess.
  • On the desk in my man cave/gaming room
  • I would rotate it between my desk at work to show off and my entertainment room next my flatscreen and surround sound! And Thank You!
  • OMG I'd love to have one of these! It would go on my desk just north of where my trackpad rests!
  • I'll put it on my bedside table next to my iPod dock-then kick back on the bed and enjoy!
  • I'm going to put it on top of a table beside my laptop since my laptops' speaker is not that loud that's why I'm using a headphone given to me by my son.
  • I would place this on my desk at work to show off how cool my headphones and are.
  • I'd put it right next to my head for easy access.
  • I'd put this on my computer desk. Then I'll mount my Beats Pro on them.
  • I would put it in my new room I'm turning into an office after the new baby comes.
  • I will leave it on my desk next to my iMac
  • I will leave it on my desk next to my iMac and my iPhone, they are so cool
  • In my bedroom system of course, next to my bed!
  • In the stand next to my mac :) to make some beats with fl studio.
  • It will go on my desk right next to my MBA!
  • I'd put it in my new office at work!!!
  • They would go next to my parrot's cage. He loves music and a perfect way to keep everything tighty.
  • I would love to use this on my desk to hold my beats! Perfect match!
  • i would put mine on my replica Apple store wooden table of course...
  • On my desk, so I could actually find my headphones!
  • pssh, desks? Bed stand for sure!
  • I would put it on the nightstand next to my bed so I can conveniently watch movies and listen to music in bed.
  • On the mantle for all to drool over.
  • ecerywhere I go
  • I will put it on my nightstand so it would be cooler
  • Oh, love it! I'd put this on my desk. I'm currently using an old dead external hard drive to drape my headset over. This would look so much better.
  • I want one so it can be in between my blackberry bold and samsung nexus lol
  • I would put them next to my iPhone dock so that way I would know where my headphones are at all times.
  • I would put mine right next to my computer.
  • I would hold onto it until I get myself a beautiful wood slab computer table. This stand would sit there amongst all of my gadgets. The elegant simplicity of its design would be a welcome piece for my headphones
  • I would place it on my desk at work, and hang my knock-off Beats on them, and drive my Mac-obsessed co-worker crazy, because I have imitation everything he loves.
  • Right in my entertainment center next to my PS3 to hold my wireless headphones
  • I'd use it on my desk at home to hold the headphones I use when I record music!
  • I'd hang my "Steve Jobs" wire framed glasses... :)
  • I am currently a freshmen in High School so I am constantly needing a place to put my over-ear skull candy head phones. I hate putting them in their little carrying bag and constantly getting them out of the bag and the draw. It would be awesome to have them on a simple but good looking stand for easy use next to my MacBook Pro. Thanks iMore for this giveaway!
  • On my desk next to both my iPad and Laptop.
  • Would be nice 2 add to my desk.
  • I'd love to put this right on my "Apple Desk" along with my iMac, iPad and iPhone to hold my Bose headphones of course!
  • on my desk next to my iMac :)
  • Ugh! Gosh! Pedro I need a stand to hold my funky Beats on! Come on.. I'll give you my tots!
  • I'd put it on my nightstand.
  • On my mantle....but I may have to buy a pair of Beats to go with it! :)
  • I would place one next to my Steve Jobs figurine on my desk!
  • I'd have it on my dresser where my window allows sun to aim it there which would make my headphone stand shine :-)
  • Next to my macbook pro and iPhone 4S
  • I would love to use this at my desk for work because I stay with a pair of headphones and sometimes I misplace them. This will come in handy
  • I'd use it on my nightstand and put my Bose QC15's on it!
  • on my desk
    next to my ipod
  • Right next to my Macbook Pro on my desk.
  • Although not an authentic apple product it would look great on my birch desk with my macbook pro, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 :)
  • I would have it in my newborn baby's rooms Aria would be very happy xx
  • I would put it on my desk next to my laptop :)
  • On my night stand to hold my beats
  • either on my ikea desk at home or at my office where i work with my kids...either way it'll beside my 11' macbook air! please and thank you!
  • I'd balance my $100 iTunes gift card won in another iMore contest on it... in... the den. And may god have mercy on my soul.
  • it is for my son to rest his beats on
  • This would be great for my college dorm. You guys already know how small dorm rooms are.. The stand would provide some much needed desk space.
  • On my desk next to my mac :)
  • I'll put my Jabra Bluetooth Headphones on this nice stand. Thanks!
  • On my desk at work.
  • On my desk at my recording studio! Much needed.
  • I'd put it on my TV stand and use it to hold my PS3 headset.
  • on the desk
  • Simply put, Yes I can use these for my headphones or I could hang the jacket for my Steve Jobs Doll on it.
  • I would put this on my desk at work! the IT guy would be jealous because he is a huge apple fan!. ! would love to put my beats earphones on my Apple store stand!
  • I'd give this to my mother, shes hard to hear, so he uses a sennheriser HD650 that me and my brother bought for her for christmas. He uses my fathers amp with a very old vinyl player and plays her favorite music on it. Since christmas the headphone just laying around, as it doesnt have a place to keep. I guess this stand would be a great plus for it. Thanks.
  • I would put it on my desk next to my computer.
  • on my desk with headphones i am planning on buying soon. maybe the stark ones? thanks.
  • If I won the stand I would put it on my desk so that it would be handy when I ready to do some work and jam out!
  • On my computer desk for my wireless usb headphones.
  • On my desk next to my macbook! =D
  • I would put this on my desk in my office.
  • On my desk!
  • These would look amazing with my new beats! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
  • I would put it on the desk in my office!
  • Have I ever told you that I love you? Well I do. I love you iMore. And not just because you are giving away a headphone stand I'd love to put on my desk at work. I just love you because well, you have a nice personality.
  • On my desk at work!
  • I have a make shift stand now so an actual stand would be nice. I'd put it on my desk
  • On my bed next to my iPad dock for my beats
  • On my desk at school to take care of my Dre Beats
  • Besides my Beats it would probably be bananas.
  • Right on my desk.
  • I would put it in my kitchen for I'm always cooking
  • I currently keep my earphones on the floor between my recliner and my iMac desk... as soon as I saw that Apple stand I told myself that it is just what I need to put on the edge of my computer desk
  • I would put it on the desk i have next to my bed, so I can get up every morning and find my headset easily and listen to some music.
  • Right beside my macbook and ipad! GO APPLE!
  • This is really attention-grabbing, You're an overly professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look ahead to in search of more of your great post. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social networks
  • Right next to my macbook pro. On my desk filled with apple products
  • I'll right away clutch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you've any? Kindly let me recognise so that I could subscribe. Thanks.
  • I´d place this beauty either on my headphone amp or possibly on top of the record player. Nice work if you can get it!
  • Next to my decks/macbook at all my live gigs and be like, this awesome shit is from imore!