Good night WWDC 2010, see you next year

In with the roar of iPhone 4, out with the whisper of tuckered developers jetting home, WWDC 2010 draws to a close. What with the aforementioned new hardware, the Gold Master seed of the newly renamed iOS 4, Safari 5, Xcode 4, and more secret sessions than any non-Vulcan brain could comfortably take in, there's no doubt we'll be seeing even more amazing iPhone and iPad apps and soon.

We have a bunch more video interviews still to edit and post, including such luminaries as 1Password, Bjango, Navigon, and Glasshouse.

For now we'll leave you to talk among yourselves while we fall blissfully unconscious. Topics for comment - favorite WWDC announcement, biggest thing missing, what didn't get enough attention and really should have, what got too much -- or pretty much anything else you'd like.

See you next year, WWDC 2011 (and iPhone 5!)

Rene Ritchie

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