Google, Facebook and Twitter will reportedly file court motions supporting Apple in fight with FBI

Google and Facebook will both reportedly put their official support on Apple's side in its current fight against the FBI.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

Several top tech companies, including Google parent Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc., are preparing to file motions in support of Apple Inc. in its court fight with the Justice Department over unlocking an alleged terrorist's iPhone, according to people familiar with the plans of the companies.

Microsoft president Brad Smith said earlier today his company will be filing its own amicus brief supporting Apple in this case.

Update: According to Re/Code, Twitter is planning to throw its support behind Apple with a legal filing as well. The report also mentions that the coalition of tech supporters may file one amicus brief together, rather than as individuals.

John Callaham

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  • Thank you Google and Facebook!! #StandWithApple If you too would like to stand with Apple's stance on privacy, then add your name to the petition ( to let the Administration know.
  • Google and Facebook aren't doing this for Apple. It's in their own best interest.
  • It's in all of their best interest. Sent from the iMore App
  • There's a limit to fanboyism. I don't think you realize what's going on.
  • This is going to be Super Duper interesting to watch play out.
  • Added my name to the petition yesterday, today I swear that black helocopters are circling overhead. ** puts on tinfoil hat**
  • This is free publicity to all these companies. They must love it! ...but where's Samsung in all of this? Sent from the iMore App
  • Samsung isn't an American company. (facepalm)
  • Good, if Apple gives in to the Government they will take even more of our rights away like our Privacy Rights,