Google I/O Android announcements [the competition]

Google had their big, ice cream sandwich filled I/O developer conference Android keynote yesterday, and with Apple's own WWDC just a month away, what they chose to announce -- and maybe not announce -- definitely helps sets the stage.

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In previous years Google has showcased everything from hardware to software to sneak peaks to technology previews in volumes we haven't seen since the great Bill Gates CES keynotes of yore. This year was no exception... unless you were hoping for a Nexus 3 (or Nexus M or H2 or S2) -- but hey, we're probably not getting an iPhone 5 until fall so there's plenty of time still for that.

Sure, as usual a lot of Google's announcements this year look like Apple's announcements from previous years, what with music and movie rentals and accessory integration for the SDK, but WWDC will likely have some Apple announcements -- perhaps including system-level voice control -- that Google announced at their previous shows as well. It's all about seeing and raising now. And sure, some of this won't ship, or will stall (Google TV), or falter (Wave), but a lot of it will. And it will push Apple to keep raising the stakes. And that's good for all of us.