Google Makes it onto iPad, Everything "Stable" for iPhone too?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, he showed off the Apple designed but Google fed Maps application, and the Google-ownd YouTube app. He even named Google during the Maps demo. Much has been made about a falling out between Google and Apple, how Steve Jobs dislikes Eric Schmidt, and how the iPhone would turn to Microsoft's Bing for default search and maps going forward.

if the iPad, running iPhone 3.2, is any indication, nothing much has changed yet. Of course, Eric Schmidt said during the Google conference call that their relationship with Apple was "stable", and Apple COO, Tim Cook said during Apple's call that while they compete in some areas, they partner in others.

So everything quiet on the Apple/Google front, or just quiet before the storm?

Of course, there was no sign of Google Voice integration, but we're sure they'll figure out an up-scaled WebApp in no time...

Rene Ritchie

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