Google prepares for eBook sales, yet more competition with Apple

According to The Wall Street Journal Google is planning on introducing their very own eBook store as early as this next month, and gearing up once again to go head-to-head with Apple. This news comes just after Apple announced that in just 28 days, iPad users have downloaded over 1.5 million eBooks via iBooks.


blockquote>"Google says its new service--called Google Editions--will allow users to buy digital copies of books they discover through its book search service. It will also allow book retailers to sell Google Editions on their own sites, taking the bulk of the revenue. Google has yet to release details about pricing and which publishers are expected to participate."

Unlike on devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Kindle, Google's approach will be to allow users access to the digital books from a complete range of websites and over various devices.

Would any of our readers prefer Google's eBooks over Apple's iBooks? Sound off in the comments below!

[WSJ via Mac Rumors]

  • Pricing will be the factor. To beat out other readers, you will have to price the books lower.
  • Google always following suit on Apple is getting tired. Depends on the product, I would say open vs closed is appealing but google products always feel unfinished.
  • This eReader service seems more convenient than the iBook Store. Can books bought from the iBook Store be readable from my PC (via iTunes?) rather than be entirely dependent on the iPad?
  • No matter how you slice it, competition is good. It keeps Jobs in check just a little.
  • Their book covers will all look alike — the title and author in blue underlined text on white background. :lol:
  • I'm pretty sure Apple's 1.5 million ebook downloads includes the free "Winnie The Pooh" book that users are prompted when they first open the iBooks App. However, for a book reader I still prefer a Nook.
  • F**** google, they r always behind apple's ass
    google is the apple's biggest enemy.
  • In a few days we may see jobs commenting this, like he did with android.
    "google wants to kill the ibook store, but we won't let them! Our ebooks will get an A update"
  • How and why is everyone saying Google is copying? Didn't Google have Google Books way before iBooks? This just seems like an continuation of it.
    As far as which one I'd prefer, the way it's sounding, I'd have to side with Google right now. Any place, any read? Sounds like a sure winner to me. But of course, we'd have to wait to see what the finished product is like in reality.
  • I agree with iDavey.
    Hey hang. Next time you open the map app in your iPhone , pay attention on who created it. ;)
    same thing goes for default search engine ;)
    Competition is great as mentioned above. 8)
    But off course koolaid drinkers will always hate it if someone else comes up with a new idea. :roll:
  • Oh I'm sure everone is well aware who created what when we open maps or use our search engine but I'll tell u something, if it wasn't there I sure as hell wouldn't be missing it. Just using the sh*t that's there natively on my iPhone. Take it away from me and MEH...I wouldn't curl up in a ball and start crying.
  • Sounds like a winner to me. Google has got a lot of room here. I have a Sony reader so as long as the prices are right, I'll have a new place to shop for books.
  • Google is trying to take over the world...
  • Google will always be search... as a brand it's ridiculous. You gotta enjoy watching them wasting resources on pie-in-the-sky delusions of grandeur though ;)
  • Hmmmm, love the simplicity of the iBook store, but i can also dig a free book with some clickable ad-words within it or some admob Ish on the bottom of the page on mobile. If it's free, I can dig it. I wouldn't mind reading my objective-c books that way at all.
    Sent from my iPad
  • I think Google Editions will be a good alternate to the iBook Store, at least I can read them anywhere, websites, Google devices so I won't have to buy a %500 tablet. Instead I could just log onto a Google service on my computer and read the book, or read it from an app on my Droid.
  • I agree google editions hopefully will end the format wars for e-books. And keep apple from owning yet another industry. I have used google books for some time now to get some out of print e-books for those who think apple was first is gravely mistaken. I have used google "free" e-books for a while. This is a step in the right direction.
  • I would guess that like my iPhone I will be able to purchase pretty much any book format and read it on my iPad with the right App. It doesn't have to be read in the iBook App. The iPad is a great viewing/reading platform.
  • "as early as this next month"
    That's kinda clunky, IMO. It smells like a typo, whether it was or not.
    Just my two cents.
  • @ iDavey:
    It is because ost of these 'tards have been led to the Apple kool-aid trough and actually believe that Apple created everything. When some additional competition comes along, they like to claim that Apple is being copied. They tend to forget that many of Apple's business ideas come from other things that have proven successful for other companies. In this case, Amazon has done incredibly well with the Kindle and the e-book model, so Apple introduces their version. Google joins the game and suddenly Google is copying Apple.
  • What's funny is that Google is going in thru the backdoor. It looks like they're trying to compete with iBook (and they are). But what most don't realize is that the Barnes & noble Nook is actually nothing more than Android inside a Kindle body just as the Kobo and the Alex readers are Android devices. So this is probably more to obtain market share for these type devices.
  • @Hang
    The fact that the Nook was out before the iPad would mean that Apple was behind Google :-) But as was stated, competition is good.
  • No one, even Apple, dislikes the free market. Bring it on.
    Goggle Books will be a paid service just like iBooks, and as such it will compete on the features and service stage.
    If the right books are available at the right price, I'll read them.
    I have iBooks, Kindle books and Free Books on my iPad now. What's the big deal?