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Google and Samsung postpone launch out of respect for Steve Jobs

Google and Samsung are delaying their CTIA launch event, widely expected to involve the introduction of their next generation Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS, and Nexus Prime handset, in deference to the recent passing of Steve Jobs.

"We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs's passing."


Source: Android

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Man, talk about respect.
  • Very classy! Totally respect these two companies now. Hats off to both .
  • One day of respect and then back to disrespecting by stealing all of his patents.
  • It goes both ways they both do it!
  • Try to keep it positive. Too much hate will only hurt you :P ;)
  • Very classy, especially seeing that Samsung don't have a good relationship with Apple right now, Kudos to both sides.
  • Apple is still one of Samsung's biggest customers. They may be suing each other but that is part of business. In the end they benefit off each other.
  • That or they know this month is apple month due to massive people trying to get an iPhone. If they tried releasing now a lot of people will just overlook there new phone.
  • I'm not sure about the real reason behind this. They earn respect for not launching, but maybe the time is not right because it doesn't get the attention they where hoping for because of all the Steve Jobs news...
  • Good for them.
  • Very classy.
    You naysayers are ridiculous. Some things are ok to take at face value.
  • I'd love to believe that this is why. But it reminds me of the people who pretend to cry at funerals. I hope that I am wrong. It would be beyond what I thought them capable of if it's real.
  • Nothing gets people on your side like a move like this. Don't be so naive, while it reads as respect, the powers behind this believe they have something to gain by going this route instead of pushing out the device/software as planned. Let's face it, while new, ICS won't be much different or amazing, just like iOS5 wasn't for Apple. Sam/Goog saw how the market shunned the iP4S and they want a bit of time to pass before they release their addition to the ever-growing list of non-amazing phones. What's new? Curved glass? BFD...
  • I swear, people will find fault with everything and anything. SMH.
  • Exactly. Unsubscribing from this one.
  • This only shows they have stolen sj idea.
  • All you fckng idiots that are saying this is happening because of business reasons need to wake up and understand that besides competing Steve Jobs and many other silicon valley execs including Google execs were really close friends. Competing to make their companies better was all business but at the end of the day people can be friends outside of work. Also, if Steve didn't compete as much as he did, we would have these other companies trying to catch up.
    Keep your god damn negativity to your self.
  • So much negative...take it as face value. Very classy in my opinion.
  • Damn, thats pretty classy of them especially with all the legal issues going on between them
  • business is business but no matter how much you may dislike someone or be in competition with,does not mean you cant have any respect for that person
  • This pisses me off. They should have put old Steve on a ventilator until tuesday. I can't wait to get this new droid. Apple is dead.
  • why do some people think theres always other motives and try to spin things can see from all of apple competitors that they sincerely are sad to see steve go...whos to say steve didnt have friend inside google,microsoft,samsung etc
  • A few days before Steve's death I heard a CNET reporter on comment that Samsung/Google were having a hard time getting press to attend their San Diego event. Since it sounds like the Nexus is not going to be released until the end of the month anyways, it seems much more likely that they are moving the venue to a location that tech bloggers and reporters are naturally plentiful.
    If Apple is not delaying the launch of iPhone 4S next week, why would anyone else feel the need to delay anything? I think Samsung and Google realized that next week will be full of anticipation for the new iPhone. People will be getting their phones early. Reviews will come out a day or two before Friday. Lines will probably start to form early.
    Why try to compete with that deluge of iPhone press? Better to delay it a week or so and find a week less dominated with Apple news. Smart business move.
    However, this attempt to spin their maneuver as compassionate is too blatantly manipulative. They would've done better to leave their initial statement unexplained. People would be free to interpret the action either way.
    I understand people would like to think the best of Google & Samsung. I just think it's naive to believe they are doing this solely to pay their respects to Steve.
  • That's rediculous. Maybe they don't think anyone will show up.
  • No one showed up to their kickoff event. So they cancelled it because everyone is still mourning the death of a great innovator. Those companies are trash and have no class, that is not the reason of why it was delayed!