Google Voice now open to everyone (in the US)

If you're in the United States of America and have been waiting on a Google Voice invite, wait no longer -- Google has just opened up the service to everyone! (They've even got the nifty infographic above to show you how happy they are about it).

If you're not in the US, yeah, sorry, sux0rs for you. Like Google Navigation, they'll probably start rolling it out, slowly, to a few places, one day, maybe. (Not that anyone is bitter).

If you're a long time user or just signed up, let us know what you think of the Google Voice service -- even if you're limited to the Google web app (or Black Swan) on the iPhone.

Video after the break.

[Google Voice blog]

Rene Ritchie

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  • I've been a long time user of Google Voice and I'm happy to finally see it get out of Beta. It really still sucks not having a native app for the iPhone. The web apps are great but I want something on my home screen and something that will load even though I'm not connected to the Internet. This is the main reason I keep jailbreaking, just to get GV Mobile. I would kill for an actual app on the iPhone especially with push notifications... But I'm sure it will never happen at this point.
  • I've been using black swan and I love it. I use my google voice number for my work line.
  • @ frank jb your iPhone n there a really sweat app on da cydia store! 
  • ...this lack of a native app is one of the main reasons i have a jail broken 3GS. and another reason why i'm not jumping onto 4.0 just yet.
  • I don't know. I used it for a while, but found it to be more of a pain in the butt than anything else. The option to read your voicemails is cool, but everyone that calls you has to annunciate PERFECTLY in order for you to get an accurate text or email. Again, I ended up canning it, cuz it bugged me more than helped me. And, at the time, there was NO way to cancel it. You just had to turn everything off and reroute your voicemails back to your phone.
  • I want to use/love Google Voice, but my main question is "why?"
    Why should I use it, living in a 2G area, is there any purpose?
    I can't always keep my 3GS connected to Wi-Fi. So is there any reason someone in a 2G area should even set this up?
  • TheThruth,
    Did you even read Frank's post? He specifically said he jailbreaks to get GV Mobile in Cydia. Geez, people... you all really need to pay attention and start reading posts word for word entirely instead of reading a few words of the first line and reacting immediately.
  • I really hope Google is planning on letting people port their existing number to their service to be their "Google Voice number".
  • I use Blackswan Reason over GV Mobile is that Blackswan never crashes since it runs within Safari. much more stable.
  • I don't know why Apple denies a real google voice app since they have Line2. It basically does the same thing.
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