We all know the deal with Google's hardware and services. You are getting something cool in exchange for your data, and understandably not everyone is alright with that. If you've been waiting for Google to explore a privacy-first world, it looks like its new Clips camera is the start. From my review on Android Central:

Basically, the camera is always recording but only saves the stuff it thinks you will find interesting. All of this is done locally, with no connection to your phone or your data required. As "smart" things with cameras on them go, it's remarkably privacy-focused.

You are the only one with access to the photos and video captured by Clips. The AI heavy lifting all happens locally, and you can extract photos and video without ever being connected to the internet. The recorded content isn't stored to your phone or in Google Photos unless you explicitly give permission.

In my opinion, this is fantastic. Google really needed to be privacy focused with a camera aimed at recording everything all the time and only showing you snippets of the things its AI thought was interesting. That's a fairly creepy sentence to say out loud without certain assurances.

It's also important to point out you can give Google your personal information if you want to by syncing with Google Photos. Doing so "trains" the onboard AI to pay extra attention to your favorite people and pets, making it more likely to save clips of people and pets you regularly take photos of. This way the people who want to give Google data are able to benefit, but this feature is something you have to choose to enable and regularly have to update manually.

This seems like a huge win for everyone, and a solid bonus reason for people to check out this camera if you want to explore AI photography. Check out the full review on Android Central for more!