GT Advanced creditors want answers from top Apple exec

Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams (Image credit: Apple)

Creditors for GT Advanced Technologies are asking a court for the ability to compel Apple's Jeff Williams to give them a deposition. Williams is Senior Vice President of Operations at Apple, and the creditors say that he played a key role in the relationship between GT Advanced and Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal:

"Based on documents produced by Apple, it is clear that Williams played an important, substantial and hands-on role in managing the relationship between GTAT and Apple in connection with the matters that are directly relevant to the Apple settlement motion," the creditors said in the filing.

GT's creditors say that Apple has already declined to voluntarily produce Williams for a deposition.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • And they shouldn't.. The creditors are already showing bias and are witch hunting to dig up dirt to block Apple's deal with GT's closing. If they are asking for him, that tells me they didn't get anything relevant from the paperwork and hope to get some type of scapegoat to blame in the Apple Camp.... They'll keep jabbing hoping to poke holes in the deal.