GT Advanced settled with Apple because it could not afford 'protracted litigation'

Even though Apple's now former sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies officially reached a settlement with the company last week, it appears that GT Advanced is not happy about it. It claims in new documents filed on Monday that while it had "various causes of action against Apple" it instead made the choice to give up because it simply could not afford a massive legal fight with the Cupertino team.

The company claimed that it could try to prove that Apple "engaged in the requisite inequitable conduct and the misconduct resulted in an injury to creditors", among other things. However, in the end GT Advanced decided that it could not afford to deal with such a legal fight, stating that, "protracted litigation against one of the largest corporations in the world with over $100 billion of cash would be challenging and expensive".

Does GT Advanced have a point or is this just a case of sour grapes?

Source: Wall Street Journal

John Callaham

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