iPhone Hackers Get Banned From Apple

Okay, so their names weren't really Harold & Kumar (Fukaba and Vincenti, for the record), but then again it doesn't really sound like they were banned for life from the Apple Store as initial Interwebs rumor mongering suggested, b'okay?

Seems some Palo Alta teens were waiting for a classmate, ducked into the Apple Store to burn some time, and ended up getting burned instead. You know the story, boy finds iPhone, boy Jailbreaks iPhone, boy downloads Raging Thunder, to show another boy, Apple Store management, security, police, and parents become involved and hilarity ensues. (Though perhaps not for our hapless hax0rs and their two friends).

Fake Steve has the full fake details on what sounds to me like a bit of a fake -- or more accurately overblown -- story.

Hopefully no iPhones were bricked in the course of these shenanigans and the boys will be back to giving all their money to Apple again in the near future.