Have you ever wondered how many vinyl records could fill an iPod classic?

Ah, the 160GB iPod classic, the last bastion for those of us who like to carry literally our entire music collections in our pockets. But, have you ever tried to visualize just how much music you can cram into that little box, say perhaps, how many vinyl records it would be? No? Well, the folks at Concert Hotel have, and it's pretty darned impressive.

Worked out to 3,180 albums, in vinyl form that would weigh a monstrous 1,400lbs, or as it happens the same weight as two male Grizzly Bears. All squeezed into your pocket. It's all a bit of fun, but still puts into perspective just what we can consider our portable music collection thanks to the iPod classic. The original post also has a pretty impressive scrolling image of what all that vinyl looks like. Now, how much do you love your iPod classic?!

Source: Concert Hotel

Richard Devine

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