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The times we live in are strange, but Apple and the rest of the tech world continue to press on. Many of them are reacting to the ever-changing landscape and global countermeasures to the pandemic. New apps and services are being thrust into the spotlight, others are forgotten. Here's a roundup of all the Apple news you should have read this week.

Houseparty offering $1 million for proof hacking rumors are a smear campaign

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Houseparty claims it may have been the victim of a targeted smear campaign after thousands of users complained of their internet accounts being compromised after downloading the software. Houseparty is offering $1 million to anyone who can provide evidence of this.

Foxconn tells investors 5G iPhone still ready for autumn

Despite reports of delays in finalizing a prototype, Foxconn's chief of investor relations Alex Yang told investors on Wednesday that the 5G iPhone would still be ready for the autumn.

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Zoom apologizes over security and privacy issues, freezes new features to focus on fixes

Zoom's user base skyrocketed to over 200 million users a day in March thanks to global lockdown and social distancing measures. Under pressure, several alarming security and privacy flaws were highlighted in Zoom's software. As a result, Zoom has apologized for its shortcomings and has vowed a 90-day new feature freeze to fix the issues.

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Facebook announces new Messenger app for Mac and Windows

If Zoom's apology wasn't enough to reassure you, well you now have a new alternative option with Facebook Messenger's new desktop app for Mac and Windows. It supports both text and video chat.

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The iPhone 9's launch date could be set for April 14 just to compete with the OnePlus 8

Exclusively at iMore, we told you about Jon Prosser's latest iPhone 9 prediction. The dates on the table are April 14th or 15th, with the announcement of the OnePlus 8 possibly set to play a role.

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Apple Stores and offices in the US will not reopen until May amid coronavirus pandemic

It looks like Apple's retail stores and offices across the US will remain closed for at least another month. An internal memo from Deirdre O'Brien stated operations would remain closed until "early May". There's no reason to believe that this might change again, however....

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UK engineers threatened and 5G masts burned by coronavirus conspiracy theorists

Yes, you read that right. Conspiracy theorists in the UK are threatening broadband engineers and encouraging arson attacks on 5G masts because of the coronavirus.

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