Tim CookSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • A House antitrust probe has called on the CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon to testify.
  • It seems that all but one have conditionally agreed to speak.
  • Apple's Tim Cook has yet to make any commitment.

Tim Cook appears to the only one of four big tech CEOs who has not agreed to testify before a House antitrust probe.

This week, all antitrust hell broke loose for Apple both a home and abroad. On Saturday, it emerged that a House antitrust probe had asked the CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon to testify before a House antitrust probe into competition in tech. According to Politico, Tim Cook is the only CEO currently holding out:

The chair of the House's antitrust panel is working to get executives of four of the country's most powerful tech companies to testify about competition. And all companies appear to be provisionally on board, according to two sources familiar with the matter — except Apple. And in an email to the committee reviewed by POLITICO, a lawyer for the company emphasized that it has made the Hill no promises about testimony from its CEO.

The report notes that Sundar Pichai, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have all agreed to testify if the CEOs of the other three companies agree to appear. Apple is the only company that hasn't committed to the process, and as the report notes an Apple lawyer says that it has made "no promises" regarding testimony from its CEO.

As the report notes, all three of the other CEOs seem willing to testify only if all CEOs are present, which seems reasonable. The report Saturday noted that letters sent to the respective companies invoked the prospect that subpoenas could be used to force testimony if companies could not agree, which means Tim Cook, if he does decide not to testify voluntarily, may end up with no choice!