Appraisal is a function in Pokemon Go that, broadly, lets you get an idea of how strong an individual Pokemon can become beyond just its "CP," or Combat Points. While Combat Points (which are effectively a Pokemon's "level") can tell you how strong a Pokemon is at the moment, they don't give the entire picture. You need to understand something called "IVs" to know not just how strong a Pokemon is at the moment, but how strong they can become over time. Appraisal lets you do that.

IVs, or "Individual Values," are invisible stats that determine how much a Pokemon's stats (HP, Attack, and Defense) will rise each time they are Powered Up. Each Pokemon has a different IV for each of the three stats, and the best and strongest Pokemon have "100%" IVs, meaning all of their IVs are at the highest they can possibly be.

A recent new update to Pokemon Go has visually changed how the appraisal system works, making it much easier to read and understand. But in terms of IVs themselves or how they function in the game and affect Pokemon, nothing has changed. Your high IV Pokemon are still just as strong as they were before, you can just see those stats more clearly, and you may find it easier to discover Pokemon in your box with high IVs that you had forgotten about.

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  • Download the game: Pokémon Go (Free on the App Store)

How to check for 100% IVs in Pokemon Go

  1. Open Pokemon Go
  2. Tap the Poke Ball icon on the bottom of the screen
  3. Select "Pokemon"
  4. Select the Pokemon whose IVs you want to check
  5. Tap the three bars "Menu" icon in the bottom right
  6. Select "Appraisal"
  7. Your team leader will tell you your Pokemon's IVs. You'll see IVs represented as bars for HP, Attack, and Defense, as well as an overall "star" rating that tells you how good the Pokemon is in general.
  8. To understand the star rating and bars, you should know that one full bar represents 15 total points. Between the three stats, that's 45 potential IVs. The star rating for a Pokemon is broken down by the total percentage of a possible 45 IVs a Pokemon has as follows:
  • 50% or less - 0 Stars
  • 51% - 64.4% - 1 Star
  • 66.7% - 80% - 2 Stars
  • 82.2% - 98% - 3 Stars
  • 100% - 3 Stars plus a red border

You can also scroll through Pokemon quickly by tapping the arrows to the left or right of a Pokemon, letting you search for Pokemon with high IVs quickly. Use this method to find the strongest Pokemon you can, Power them up, and use them in Gyms and to battle in raids!

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