How to use search terms in Pokémon Go

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When you take the motto "gotta catch 'em all" to heart, sorting through your massive collection of Pokémon can be a real challenge. Even for the most diligent of players, it can be overwhelming sorting through up to 2,500 different Pokémon. Fortunately, Niantic has implemented some helpful tools to do that job just a little easier. While some of these terms are fairly obvious, such as the name of a species of Pokémon, many of these terms are not as well-known. We, here at iMore, are going to take the guesswork out of Search Terms.

How do I use Search Terms?

All Pokémon Go Search Terms work in basically the same manner.

Pokemon Go Search Terms Instructions

Pokemon Go Search Terms Instructions (Image credit: iMore/ Casian Holly)
  1. Click on the Poké Ball to open your Main Menu.
  2. Select Pokémon.
  3. Click on the Maginifying Glass.
  4. Type in the Search Term.
  5. Voila! the specific Pokémon that fit your Search Term are the only ones displayed.

There are slight modifications made to some of the Search Terms, but they all work like this.

Do the Search Terms ever change?

Absolutely. With new Pokémon, new Generations, and more, Pokémon Go added new Search Terms periodically and will occasionally change the existing Search Terms to fit the players' needs better. While these Search Terms are often unannounced, we'll be sure to keep this list as up to date as possible, testing out each of the Search Terms ourselves and sharing them with you.

So what are all these Search Terms anyway?

While we will go into greater detail as we go along, here's a quick cheat sheet of all the Search Term categories for those of you who already know how the terms work.

  • Names
  • Species
  • Pokédex Numbers
  • Types
  • Weather
  • Attack
  • CP
  • HP
  • IVs
  • Distance
  • Alola
  • Costume
  • Defender
  • Eggs Only
  • Evolve
  • Gender
  • Galar
  • Hatched
  • Region
  • Item
  • Legendary
  • Lucky
  • Mythical
  • Purified
  • Shadow
  • Shiny
  • Traded


Another neat feature to the Search Terms is that the addition of certain punction marks can modify them, including colons (:), commas (,), semi-colons (;), ampersands (&), and exclamation marks (!). By using a colon, semi-colon, comma, or ampersand, you can connect multiple terms. For example, using the terms "4* & 150" will give you all Mewtwo with Perfect IVs. By using an exclamation point like "!evolve", you remove anything from that Search Term from your results. Some other modifiers only work for specific terms like a plus sign (+) or a dash (-).

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