Almost everyone has been in this situation at one point or another. You pick up a new iPhone 5s or iPad Air, maybe a iPhone 5c or Retina iPad mini, you use it for a while, and then it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Maybe you banged it against the wall and got a little ding on it, maybe it was knocked out of your hand by a clumsy friend and fell to the floor. Whatever happened, you know the feeling of that first blemish — it sucks.

If you had no protection on it, you feel silly for not having none and wonder if it would have still happened if you did. If you did have protection on it, you start questioning the reliability of the product and whether or not it did it's job. In the end though, we all know all it takes is one drop in the right way no matter what protection you have and your device's life can be over or end up being a costly repair job.

For the phones the case has to cover all the top, bottom, and sides.iRiidium, iMore Forums Member

Personally, I never use protection on any of my devices. I tend to like the natural feel of the products and find no matter what kind of protection I use, it always adds what I deem to be unneeded bulk to my devices. But that being said, I'm also insanely clumsy and am probably the prime example of someone who should always be using a case.

I'm the guy who will be sitting in a car with his phone on his lap and get out of the vehicle without a second thought only to witness my phone tumbling to the ground, in what seems to be slow motion. Some of you know what happens next, you lean over to pick it up and desperately hope the damage is minimal and play out each scenario in your head before you even see it.

I'm loving wallet cases. They make it easy to carry the devices around.Septembersrain, iMore Forums Member

So, what I'm wondering here is how do you protect your devices? What's the middle ground between too bulky and just right or do you even care as long as your device is protected? Let us all know in the iMore Forums if there's certain types of cases you like or certain styles you prefer to use and what you've found that works best for you.

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