How to sign up for Hulu with Live TV

Hulu on iPhone 12 mini
Hulu on iPhone 12 mini (Image credit: iMore)

Hulu offers live TV content through its streaming app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. If you want access to live TV though, you'll have to add them to your subscription. Here's how to add Hulu with Live TV to your existing subscription.

What is Hulu with Live TV?

Hulu offers live TV streaming from its supported apps. It works a little like Sling TV or YouTube TV. Starting at $65 per month, you have access to over 65 broadcast and cable channels, including live sports (some restrictions apply based on your location), plus the normal on-demand content that Hulu offers without the Live TV subscription.

It comes with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage, which allows you to record live TV and watch it later in your My Stuff section. For $10 more per month, you can upgrade to 200 hours of Cloud DVR storage and add the ability to fast forward through recorded commercials (not available with the base subscription).

You can stream Hulu with Live TV content from any supported device, including the best Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows Phone (and many more). Plus, dedicated apps for Mac and Windows are in the works.

With the base subscription, you can stream Hulu with Live TV on two separate devices simultaneously. For $9.99 per month, you can add Unlimited Screens, which lets you stream content from an unlimited number of devices connected to your home network or up to three devices outside of your local Wi-Fi range. There are also Disney Plus bundles available.

Sign up for Hulu

Get the app

If you already have a Hulu subscription, you probably already have the app, but if you're entirely new to Hulu, you'll need the app to get started.

Download Hulu

The Hulu app is also available on the best Apple TV with tvOS 14.

Sign up for Hulu with Live TV

Unfortunately, you can't sign up for Hulu's Live TV add-on from within the Hulu app. You'll have to do so from the official website, either through mobile or otherwise.

  1. Navigate to from your web browser.
  2. Login with your regular Hulu email and password.
  3. Scroll down, choose Manage Plan next to your current plan under My Subscription.

To sign up for Live TV, navigate to from your web browser. Log in with your Hulu login. Choose Manage Plan. (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Scroll down to Hulu + Live TV and switch it on. You can also select Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV if you want to purchase the higher-priced plan with no ads.
  2. Choose a premium add-on under Add-ons, if applicable. Available choices are HBO MAX, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ.
  3. Scroll down, select Enhanced Cloud DVR+ Unlimited Screens Bundle, if applicable. (You'll save some money on the bundle.)

To sign up for Live TV, select your Live TV plan (with or without ads), choose a premium add-on, select Enhanced Cloud DVR+ Unlimited Screens Bundle, if applicable. (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Scroll down, select Enhanced Cloud DVR and Unlimited Screens, if applicable.
  2. Scroll down, select the Entertainment Add-On and Español Add-On, if applicable.
  3. Choose Review Changes.

To sign up for Live TV, choose Enhanced Cloud DVR and Unlimited Screens, if applicable. Choose the Entertainment Add-On and Espanol Add-On, then choose Review Changes. (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Enter your zip code to determine your location (which finds which local content restrictions you will have).
  2. Tick the box to allow Hulu to create temporary recordings. This is required to use Live TV, even if you never want to record anything.
  3. Scroll down, select Submit to confirm the changes.

To sign up for Live TV, enter your Zip code, tick the box to allow Hulu to create temporary recordings. Select submit to confirm your changes. (Image credit: iMore)

Log out and back in to see the update

If you are already signed in to Hulu on Apple TV or Hulu with Live TV on your iPhone or iPad, you'll have to sign out and then sign back in to see the changes.

Once you sign back in, you'll see the Live TV options under Networks in the Browse section. You'll also be able to tell when a movie or TV show is live when viewing its description under the Lineup and My Channels section.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about how to sign up for or add on Hulu with Live TV? Put them in the comments, and we'll help you out.

Updated January 2021: Includes pricing adjustments and new sign-up steps.

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