How to use level-boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour on iPhone 8
Mario Kart Tour on iPhone 8 (Image credit: iMore)

If you've been playing Mario Kart Tour for more than a couple minutes, you've no doubt noticed that every racer, kart, and glider in your collection has its own skill level. Improving a skill helps you earn certain bonuses during play that can include increased chances of starting a Frenzy, bonus-points boosts and extended combo time. Skills can be improved to level six for any character or vehicle, and you'll certainly want to do that for anything you use often. The quickest way (as in instant) to improve any skill is with a level-boost ticket, for which we've got both good and bad news. The good is that you can score some without spending any money, but the bad is that they can take either time or good luck to track down. But hey, that's just the way these things go sometimes.

To horribly mangle a Princess Leia quote, if level-boost tickets are all you love, then that's what you'll receive, as well as the knowledge to use them if you just keep reading.

Where can you find level-boost tickets?

You can acquire level-boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour in two ways. The first is simply to keep playing, because you'll find them as Tour Gifts every so often throughout each tour — though if the game's first few tours are any indication, probably not right away. Tour Gifts unlock once you've acquired a specific amount of Grand Stars, though you can also use Star Tickets to substitute for Grand Stars in a pinch. Yes, using tickets to gain tickets in some kind of ticket-ception.

Bonus tip: If you are a Gold Pass member, you'll earn additional level-boost tickets from Tour Gifts that non-members do not. Membership has its privileges, like the old commercial used to say, but in this case, you'll be paying several bucks a month for said privileges.

The other place you may find level-boost tickets is in the Shop, though 'may' is the key here because it's not guaranteed. If you scroll down to the 'Daily Selects' section, you can hunt for tickets and buy them if available, as well as see how much time remains until the store selection rotates. One guess how often that happens for the Daily Selects ...

Are all level-boost tickets the same?

It's adorable that you think they might be, but no. Mario Kart Tour requires you to have specific level-boost tickets for racers (with Mario's head on them), karts (with a kart on them, go figure) and gliders (with a glider, naturally). You can distinguish them from point-boost tickets by their green ticket stubs.

How do you use level-boost tickets?

Now we've made it to the meat and potatoes portion of this article.

  1. Tap on the racer, kart or glider for which you'd like to improve a skill.
  2. Tap on the 'Skill' button located under the picture of the character or vehicle.
  3. If you have the correct number of level-boost tickets of the proper type, tap on the 'Raise' button to spend the tickets and advance the skill to the next level.

That's really all there is to it. Mario Kart Tour doesn't have a convenient inventory screen to show exactly how many tickets of each kind you have at any given time, so unless one arrives in an update, you'll need to navigate to the screen where you would boost the level just to check on how many you have.

Got any more questions about level-boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour?

Definitely drop them in the comments section below and we'll do our best to answer them ... when we're not playing more Mario Kart Tour to gain the knowledge to provide those answers. Funny how that works.

Nick Tylwalk